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  1. I completely agree! I think that allowing players to start games without going through the godawful matchmaking and get the feel of it would if nothing else allow people to get the rewards, and at best it could spark new interest in conclave
  2. Yeah I'm guessing that's similar to the developers sentiment on conclave, warframe just isn't a pvp game so they haven't focused on the pvp mode. which is why i would love to see the rewards moved to a pve mode OR at least let you play conclave against AI instead of waiting for matchmaking
  3. I wish that conclave would get improved, it's not an awful gamemode, it just isn't terribly fun compared to the rest of the game. Honestly i didn't even think that this was such a hotly debated topic topic, i just want my sybaris skin and i think players should have access to the rewards without having to suffer through the matchmaking
  4. See the thing is, I would play conclave if it was possible to match with a single person, there's no incentive for anyone who's not interested in the cosmetics so no one plays. I think that the best solution is to maybe cycle some of the items into nightwave.
  5. listen i didn't mean to bring the conclave players back from the grave i just want my damn sybaris skin and there's no way to get it other than sitting staring at the conclave match making screen for 15 hours
  6. Personally i dont actually mind conclave, and id rather it be there than it not, the problem is that since it's had no attention for years no one plays so a bunch of cool items aren't available to most players
  7. The thing that sucks about conclave is that there are so many cool skins that you just can't get because no one actually plays conclave, I think that conclave should just be retired and its rewards should be moved to nightwave cred rewards or steel path honours.
  8. It takes me 20 minutes to match with a squad for any game mode in conclave if I join one at all, it's nearly impossible to max out standing for the day. I think that making the exclusive conclave items like skins be available from sources like steel path honours or even nightwave would make these really cool skins more available to players.
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