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  1. You are probably right but we can hope. I still think it would be a simple to implement quality of life improvement for the players that use faction mods. I dont see how it would hurt anyone who doesn't. From reading through it seems like the opposition is directed more at the existence of faction mods and their implementation which I actually personally agree with, my idea is just to improve the current system until they feel it needs reworked. Most games that I play have "damage to xyz" stats so its not a unique feature.
  2. That would be the best scenario however the damage they add would need to be made up somewhere. Having a universal option, keyword option. If you like the system feel free to use it as is, if you dont like bane mods feel free to continue not using them but it seems like a pretty easy to implement option to convert all 4 banes into a universal bane for quality of life. I agree damage to specific types of enemies and resistance to specific types of damage or enemies is annoying and I dont understand why games do it but many do.
  3. ya need this big time, titanias spellbind is pretty annoying to hold every 40 seconds
  4. Thats a great idea ive heard some ppl suggest, my issue is I like using a lot of frames for different things man, I kinda wish I could have a main.
  5. That would be a phenomenal alternative, or even the ability to swap mods in the very beginning of a mission. But your point is fine too, im MRL1 so I have tons of loadout slots free but most ppl dont and I cant imagine anyone buys loadout slots so there has got to be a better more convenient way.
  6. Im certainly not using min maxed builds on star chart trash that dies in 1 hit from anything with a half decent build. These are for endurance runs where S#&$ doesnt die to direct damage no matter what you hit it with.
  7. They are obsolete now, if your still using them try out the new arcanes on primaries and secondaries as well as the CO mods on weapons they actually work on. Serrations are a complete waste of a mod slot now. Dont know about that, I dont troll forums I come here very rarely when i have something I think would benefit the game Why, how is that a bad idea? Im guessing you dont like it because you dont have them already maxed which is why I added an option for turning in unranked into unranked universal.
  8. Maybe have a vendor where you can turn in all 4 primed bane mods rank 10 for a rank 10 universal bane mod, same system for unranked banes. Its so annoying to have to swap mods, and even worse to have to abort because you need to swap a mod. At the very least why not allow mod changes in mission. Also how about being able to unlevel mods and focus nodes.
  9. Just happened again, stage 1 bounty gives no reward. The reward popup comes up and says stage 1 complete but no reward is shown or given. This doesnt happen every time but man is it frustrating, these bounties are boring as #*!% as it is.
  10. Well thanks you saved me some time wasted. Im like a tiny sliver from legendary 1 so im trying to track down every last bit i can.
  11. I'm referring to the fix below, if I already got the mastery from them did the extra mastery get added after hotfix or do i have to relevel and gild all 3 hound again? Hotfix 30.5.4 (2021-07-17) Fixed Hounds giving only 100 Mastery per level instead of 200 Mastery per level.
  12. ANNNND it just happened again. Did 4 bounties in a row and the fifth one gives nothing. Really frustrating wasting time like this because the game is broken. I understand the bugs in this game are probably approaching an insurmountable amount but some of these cant be that hard to fix. It never used to do this, why now?
  13. Id love the landing craft and that shoulder armor that looks like glass. Also need more nitian since I know Ill eventually need it for something
  14. The bounties very frequently give no reward on first stage, the stage 1 complete screen comes up solid white identical to the tridalon bounty. It just says stage 1 complete with no reward given, the reward is supposed to be eithe 400 endo or 5 breath of eidolon, more than half my bounties give nothing. This is new, maybe within a week to 10 days.
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