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  1. Sorry for not updating this before but I waited 24 hours with no login attempts and after 24 hours had passed I could login like normal. I don't know how the system works but it was really frustating. I must have just typed the password wrong the first time and then somehow again? And then every subsequent attempt to login must have raised the time of the "ban".
  2. I have the same problem. :( I'm in Sweden, don't know if that's relevant to the issue.
  3. Thank you for trying to come up with solutions. I tried it and it didn't work though.
  4. I retyped it more than once. It's not possible. :(
  5. Well I'm pretty sure I didn't exploit anything.
  6. Then I don't understand why it works to make a new account and play but not to play my normal account. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
  7. I made a new account and suddenly I could log in normally. What does that mean? I haven't gotten a message about being banned! God I hope I wasn't banned..
  8. I really hope that is the problem.
  9. I've been playing warframe alot. Four months of playing or logging in every day. I played yesterday without any problems but today it suddenly said "Login Failed. Check your info." So I retried my password a bunch of times. Then I logged into my warframe.com account without any issue, using my normal password. Then I changed my password. That didn't help. Then I restarted my pc, nope. I don't know how to write a ticket, been looking all over for a way to do it. I read that it could have something to do with having IPV4 instead of IPV6. My ISP doesn't have IPV6 so I tried a vpn. That didn't help, though maybe it could if I knew more of the technical stuff. I considered if I had been banned or something, though I have no clue what I would have done to deserve being banned. Can somebody give me advice? This is my favourite game by far.
  10. TYPE: In-game, Corpus lich/larvling spawning with no weapon DESCRIPTION: Well. I did the granum void. The lich stuff fires like normal but when i beat up the larvling it just didnt have any weapon xD Visual: https://imgshare.io/image/no-weapon.pYisww
  11. Went to V prime to do my sister of parvos thing. Searched for public game. I ended up in a kuva lich mission with 3 people doing their kuva liches. o.O'
  12. TYPE: Requiem ultimatum item bugDESCRIPTION: Used it to summon the sister of parvos. I hit her like one time during that meeting and then she left immediately which basically wasted the item.VISUAL: noREPRODUCTION: Capture mission on jupiter. Used it at the beginning of the level. Know all the murmurs but not the order.EXPECTED RESULT: Fight it out with the lich and 50/50 chance to get the order right.OBSERVED RESULT: She just disappeared immediately after appearing. REPRODUCTION RATE: I don't have anymore requiem ultimatum items. :/
  13. TYPE: Mission, veil proxima, grineer skirmishDESCRIPTION: Killed all the crewships and did derelict, shipkiller platform and hangar asteroid. New fighters spawned when we aborted the mission.REPRODUCTION: Do everything else and don't finish the fighters until the end. They stop spawning in which leaves you to either exit mission or kill ramsleds that keep spawning very slowly from the hangar. EXPECTED RESULT: Well, if you beat the mission and they don't send more fighters, that should mean that you win. Mission complete. OBSERVED RESULT: No fighters spawned, making it impossible to finish the mission.REPRODUCTION RATE: I don't know if I ever didn't kill all the fighters before, usually they spawn at a similar rate to the crewships.
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