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  1. Steel Path (and endless missions even on the regular star map) address the need for more challenging gameplay nicely. Perhaps an even a tougher version of Steel Path, available to those who have unlocked it, would be the next logical step. This could also be used for gathering data, by strengthening certain damage types or elemental combinations there.
  2. I'm a little less "keep everything" than tends to be the norm. Since Mastery Rank is so important up through around MR15. That said... I suggest keeping warframes until you have set of their parts to be able to replace them. Or, until you've used the many info resources online (look for when they were last updated, as things change) to satisfy yourself that the parts can be easily farmed again later. Excalibur is a bit of an easy farm, at the moment. So I'd say, take advantage of that. Hold off right now. Farm the Lech Kril assassination mission, see if you can get a full set of spar
  3. Someone beat me to the point I was going to make. So I'll just say, Frost was always going to be situational. 99% of this game is, how quick can you kill all the things. The presence of even one warframe that's a little faster, theoretically, makes all the rest obsolete. But only if you're worried about shaving seconds, or fractions of a second, off your mission time.
  4. The irony is, Frost isn't great for Defense specifically because his abilities are focused on keeping stationary objectives alive. And Defense is actually more of a slow-moving Horde mode. Which takes a million years if you wait for the AI pathfinding instead of running enemies down in their corridors, or behind whatever they got stuck on, and eliminating them to send the next wave. Frost is, however, the king of soloing Steel Path Interception. Since it actually works on a timer, and Mr. Freeze can lock down the map really well. Changing the Defense mission type to be on a timer, we coul
  5. Looking at the Dog Days event just now, I wasn't seeing anything I feel like I need. And farming for 20p worth of stuff to sell is faster than completing the event for an Orokin Reactor. That's fine, no problem there. Tenno should be participating in an event because they like the way it changes up the gameplay, not always just for the swag. I personally don't care for the water gun fights, but some people might enjoy it. And more power to them. Preferably, more power and some more credits. Can we get the credit rewards bumped, for those players who do participate, as I have in the p
  6. Agreed. It's loads of fun to use, highly effective, and works best in concert with melee. Love it.
  7. There's plenty out there about the fashions of the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire. You might be surprised at how modern the dresses of women, in particular, appear. As for the V-sign, it's difficult to imagine this going away completely, given that it's been around longer than Englishmen have been speaking anything comprehensible as modern English, and the first record of it on film predates the first flight of the Wright Brothers. It may be assigned new context, sure, but neither of us are in a position to say that Yareli could not possibly be using it such an altered context
  8. The game has bows, katanas, revolvers, many preserved world and place names, contemporary languages, an in-universe reference to Gradius, and other pop culture references and inside jokes. Personally, to the extent that I'm immersed in the lore when playing, which varies depending on whether I'm doing daily rounds or taking on some new story content, I'm unlikely to be pulled right out of it by the appearance of a hand gesture that has had significance for, at a minimum, nearly a thousand years, with the meaning changing over time. And as for Roman-Era materials, there's one that I buy re
  9. It's just her idle animations. If I got upset every time I saw people doing something un-ninjalike at extraction, I dunno how I would even keep playing the game. My only real problem with Kawaii Five-O is her fancy surfboard is gigantic, and I'm reserving judgment until I see how it handles in cluttered tilesets.
  10. Thanks for the info. Sounds like that will allow, at least, for a crew with three maxed specializations each. Which is all they really need. Assuming there are some "elite" crew members with no wasted points for their favored role.
  11. CO doesn't make melee OP. Blood Rush, Slash + Viral, CO, Naramon, Fury & Strike arcanes, bubbles, movement speeds, and the ability to clean out mobs without having to line up shots, all combine to make melee usually the most effective and most convenient way to play a game that's all about the grind. Taking away any one of those does nothing to curb melee, on its own. And I don't think most players actually want to see enough of them nerfed or changed to the extent necessary to bring melee down to the level of ranged weapons. Some of the guns are, at least, useful for boss fights
  12. I think he just hates the Tenno, and hated the Orokin Empire, for what happened to Margulis. No assimilation needed, really. The one person he would probably defend is Natah. Even if the Sentients don't have any further use for him, he'll want to make sure they don't take her apart for helping the Tenno. Maybe that's how we'll end up with shared interests, for a time, in the New War.
  13. Ah, I didn't realize it was locked. Wasn't gonna even click on it without knowing more. Thanks for the info.
  14. Tried searching the forums, and the internet, and I can't find a description, beyond the spectacularly unhelpful in-game description and abundant speculation surrounding it, of what the Rank 10 Command intrinsic actually does. Has anyone out there been our canary in the coal mine on this one? And have any insight to share? Does it result in Ticker offering any new crew members with more than the normal limit of 13 skill points (with training) to choose from? Or just a wider selection of syndicate crew with the same skill ceiling, after we've already min/maxed our roster? Thank you.
  15. This is at the top of my features wishlist. Prefer sprint, with a toggle to walk. It's not like there's a run meter. They even removed the boost meter from Railjack.
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