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  1. Mini pumpkin fight in Halloween home full with decorations...
  2. Warframe will bee dead when red dead 2 is come to Pc on November 5. The only thing that can save the game if we are getting much better and bigger updates and much faster and not like this...we are waiting for 2 long for just old frame reworks and fat frame is not enough.... I love this game but if we are only getting similar things over and over again then this new things that are similar to old getting boring weary fast. So we need more,like for example drydock and some qust for starters...then some new missions and cool rewards...and even then we all know that this is not enough for long run... im just bee honest with this situation.
  3. That have neck like prime but helmet to be little bigger so that bee normal on his body shape... Because he is tallest frame but his head is just 2 short for his body.
  4. I think we need more in this direction.... https://youtu.be/YGDzRVwmTgM
  5. Haha yea,he is crazy in a good way for all of us combined... 😏😁
  6. Yes you are right but,I like to watch my character to look like me so that I can easily focus and imagining like im the 1 in that world. And then I just love more the game because of that... its like im main character in that cool world and not like just some random kid....
  7. I start reading and then I realize this is just to long nonsense 😁 maybe good idea but its just that and nothing more. You are more inspiring then me and im the 1 who having dream about this update. Im for full packet. New open world,idea playing just with operator in this quests and finally that I can look like mature like what I am in real life...
  8. And when can we expecting new alert?? Its time for my ash to become batman....
  9. Maybe we will have in a future when we got stalker mod playing with him...or maybe like what we have graxx and corpus style maybe some one can create in stalker design direction....
  10. Im tired of some theories,but im hoping for this update more then anything before...so im looking forward to see something new in future devstream. Maybe some new gameplay with mature operator and some exploration....
  11. Loki,Nekros,Frost,Rhino because his first and last power,and maybe Volt add shild and spid in power 2 just changing between this 2 and so that we can have empty space for power 4 to bee like electric whip exalted weapon,and power 1 that more we hold the more electricity we give....
  12. So this is just it,there is not much specially to see...what about hooded ash deluxe2? I need this deluxe more then anything else...
  13. Emebr/Frost power 1 for this 2 frames can bee if like blast like shotgun with cool effects but when you hold power 1 to look like fire/ice-gun similar like what boba fatt have in star wars or witcher with his fire power.... And vauban just have to remove his power 2 because no 1 is using this power so that have empty space for new power 4 that is like exalted
  14. Hey I'm always for good change,like for example players for some reason don't like hoods,im big fan in that direction because even ugly/funny looking ninja turtles looks more badass with a hoods. So im not block with just 1 style,because I love them all... so go and explore in to something new,im supporting 100% 😏👌🍻
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