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  1. As a guy that uses Revenant, i'm digging the Tennogen skin. also what is the supposed "Sisters of Parvos"? I saw it on google but Didn't really check it out
  2. Woah, Whats that Frame? Next female Alongside Gara Prime perhaps?
  3. Has the Disappearing Hud bug been fixed? Its triggered by players return to orbiter while other squad mates are still in extraction results screen. Stops people seeing planets node, Star chart hud etc
  4. Does Particle ram work now? I've tried using it but for some reason it wont activate, even when energy is enough, is it caused by the new skin?
  5. Kinda curious to find out if customizable Osprey or Hyena pets will ever get sold at Legs' shop.
  6. Sweet is that the Wraith Warframe?Guessing it more ghost like wisp with a touch of Death like Nekros, i really gotta get on with RJ missions xD
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