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  1. I got banned for saying Nezha is a kinetic siphon trap. How long would it be until I have access again?
  2. Ty for the slots, I truly appreciate it!
  3. What I mean is should I want to sell a shotgun and a rifle.
  4. Which of these weapons' should I sell? Braton prime or Dex Sybaris. Hek or Kuva Drakgoon.
  5. How would an ordinary person use Endo? What would it be used for?
  6. Would it increase the damage each time my energy ticked down?
  7. It fades away after a few seconds so I can't just look at a corner to check what my squad is saying.
  8. The chat keeps disappearing and it's annoying. How would I stop this from happening?
  9. Is it RNG or does each mission have a set dragon key for the vault?
  10. I finished venus proxima but I couldn't find the next planet.
  11. How would I get the Ignis Wraith if my clan wasn't in the top 10% for the event? I currently can't build it tho because I'm one MR short.
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