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  1. Anyone know how to remedy chat that never connects? Been trying to play on switch and I can’t talk at all. Not even traders in maroo where it kind of force-creates a whisper tab for them. Edit: I’ve tried all the ports available in options too
  2. Really? I know people have already submitted reports about this/talked about it on forums. It constantly happens at any hot spot
  3. Makes us not care when there’s bugs as old as my account still going on in the overworld areas and they dump on us with atrocious drop tables (OV) and talk up being able to use liches in railjack but make them useless. Idk what their thought process is
  4. Vet here. I wouldn’t care. I think it’s dumb they got rid of craftable baits. I think it’s hilarious DE was like “look! You can sell these BPs you can’t ever get again for credits! Isn’t that nice?”
  5. Well when the streams boring AF and they don’t know how to play, that’s all people look forward to
  6. But yea, I can’t even farm for corrupted mods cause I don’t have a clan. Debating making my own to just get the keys, idk the resource costs involved tho
  7. Hell no I don’t have a clan. Switch seems dead af and people don’t even know basic game mechanics despite their mr. Constantly seeing high MRs with a full loadout, needing only 1 weapon lvled nuking the S#&$ out of Helene lol. And I never got a response about my connecting chat, so been playing by myself for the most part. Just got shimmering blight today so that’s cool lol. Almost at Sedna so I can finally start doing sorties
  8. So you’re telling me I should use all my drones rq so I get more out of it?
  9. Tried posting in recruiting forum for a clan add but switch community dead
  10. Been waiting over a week for an answer. Can’t even join a clan for my favorite weapon and archwing deployer. Just reached Helene yesterday so I can finally max my weapons somewhat easily at least
  11. Well you should prolly delete this if you’re not adding people anymore. Tried talking to you on discord
  12. I’m about to cry. Just remembered I can’t even get guandao without joining clan edit: or a #*!%in archwing launcher
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