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  1. Bumpity bump, I'm in the slump. This recovered mission is trying to send me to the dump. Fully socket a treasure trove, but all I get is empty love.
  2. I did all of that. I spent ten minutes trying to get this star, with the prompt never showing up, and the command to pick up never working. The other star I had not be acquirable was because it was inside the jail, behind the lasers that never despawn.
  3. Also, I had an easier time getting the prompt to pick up ayatan stars from the caches before this patch. https://i.imgur.com/fBO6gRg.png Spent a minute trying to grab this one. Second amber star of the day I haven't been able to acquire. Oh woe.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/pHGgxip Still getting issues with the prison camp barriers blocking loot. Sad day, too--since I'm low on Amber Stars, to boot, and don't have the credits to spare crafting them endlessly. Maybe make the console usable again after the prisoners are out to lower the lasers? Speaking of credits--can the 50K Credits reward from Arbitrations also stack per rotation, like the Vitus Essence does?
  5. That entirely depends on how your calendar is set up, and how one construes meaning from the word "weekend". And even then, one must keep in mind that they operate almost entirely during weekdays--Monday through Friday. So their deadline is not 23:59 on Saturday. It's Friday, if they intend to keep it within the business week. As others have stated/recalled, DE doesn't want to do it on Friday, either--so we're looking at either later today, or sometime tomorrow, on Thursday.
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