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  1. Hey! We are on the same boat. MR24 atm, the only meta I know is Saryn and Mag, everything else is fail on my end. I believe I have been carried in Sorties about the only 2 times I have done it. Done public Plains Eidolons long enough to max my standing. Have yet to touch Fortune past the introduction quest. I'm a casual, I'm fine with MR 12-16 being more knowledgeable about the game than me, if anything I welcome when they give me lectures, and make it clear to them that the only reason I am sitting at MR24 is because how long and how easy the basics of the games can be for me since I've been playing for like 4+ years, and not because I have exploited everything the game has to offer in 6 months of rushing content down my brain. So kudos to all of you non-veteran Tenno that play like pros. /bow /salute
  2. Souldend78


    Whale asking (1) where the content to shine is (2). He or she actually wants the game to be P2W, but after spending time in the game came to realize that there is no P2W but instead you need to actually play. (3) Clever twisting, if you don't read between the lines.
  3. ok....I'm a casual, and even I know to allocate no less than a day when I'm farming something I really want. If you only have that whole 20 mins to play, pray to RNGesus, thats your only choice.
  4. Hmmm....A Ripkas Glyph. Oh I so love this idea. ^ Yes Equip Riven much? lol, I pass.
  5. @Ced23Ric Welcome back fellow Tenno. I joined way past your Prime, but as an old timer, your feelings are normal among gamers on all games. If you read the forums often, there are lots of players going through the same feelings, even after so much improvement. You just happen to step out and grown, come back home and to see how your old neighborhood has grown as well. It does brings a sense of pride for both you and the developers. I think I play more just to see moments like this more than actually play games anymore. /cheers
  6. If every player removed the buying condition, would love to see them trading. So answer is no, as outside of players purchasing plat in order to trade/traders waiting for players to purchase plat to get such plat , there is very few way to obtain enough slots. Edit: Just correcting myself. In reality, you only need plat to obtain and keep them all, you can still obtain them all, level them up and discard as needed. Waste of Warframes, but possible to do without purchase of platinum.
  7. Clarifying OP question (sorry DE - still love you): Can you actually get every Warframe in the game (Papa Excalibur excluded of course) without the use of platinum, even if you are given unlimited time to farm it all. Answer: NO Game doesn't offer Warframe slots but in few rare situations, so you might get at best 7 Warframe slots total (Nightwave/Anniversary/milestone?maybe) in a few years from now without using plat.
  8. People need to stop saying that. Like plat appears from thin air. That being said, thank you to those who support the game for giving f2p gamers means to get by, and keep this game alive. Welcome back and enjoy!
  9. I am talking about the picture. They are using DE actual data and changed it to benefit them by changing separator position and using commas. 288,015 on their bot is actually the rounded highlighted part of "avg": 288.01492537313, Thats why I said that toolmakers/builders are using it to rip players off.
  10. Read the entry again. every line ends at a comma, so it is not a decimal separator, the used separator at the pop it is not a comma, stop using poor excuses to rip off players. Good to see you are on board with it.
  11. Interesting @YandereWaifu itemType": "Shotgun Riven Mod", "compatibility": "EXERGIS", "rerolled": true, "avg": 288.01492537313, "stddev": 241.56439718259, "min": 35.0, "max": 1250.0, "pop": 0.1843 punctuation by toolmakers can be used against market I see (unless you are telling me that min is 35k, max 1250k to make that avg 288k - didnt think so) Edit: Since some seem to think that the comma is a decimal separator, read the entry, every line ends at a comma, and pop: 0.1843 already establishes that (.) is the actual decimal separator. Stop trying to rip players off, it is sad. Source:
  12. That explains Saryn, Ember, Equinox, etc, etc.
  13. As others mentioned, current combos that require block need tuned. One moment you perform the combo without even trying, next it takes multiple attempts to figure out how you got it right that first time, by time you give up, you manage to pull combo without following the actual combo. I can see players frustrations.
  14. Wow. This is a large patch. Thank you DE and all the players that support DE with $$$. You all make this happen! ❤️
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