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  1. As others mentioned, current combos that require block need tuned. One moment you perform the combo without even trying, next it takes multiple attempts to figure out how you got it right that first time, by time you give up, you manage to pull combo without following the actual combo. I can see players frustrations.
  2. Wow. This is a large patch. Thank you DE and all the players that support DE with $$$. You all make this happen! ❤️
  3. Would love to see what changes look like on Claw weapons. My Ripkas are interested on some fun.
  4. RIP Saryn thiccest frame 2013 - 2019 Edit: Looking forward to its release.
  5. So you are just misunderstanding, DE has the same right, me and you have to donate, to anyone they like. And yes, even irl charity events are often used for sales and marketing ploys. Small towns local business owners tag their name and their company while making donations. Like I said before, I often volunteer helping on charity events, I know how they work. But remember, they don't have to, often times they gain little from doing so, the idea is to increase the bond of community while doing so. And yes, DE could give without needing to involve its playerbase, but also, DE success comes from its community alone, this is not about entirely splashing their name on a check, but also to show its playerbase community that they will do right by it helping others, as its community has been helping them over the past 5 years.
  6. You are trying too hard. Or did you really got burned irl by not being able to say no to multiple charity requests? Or were you left out because another charity took priority over what you though had more priority? The guilt tripping attempt says you got burned bad and have yet to recover from it, seek help, thats nothing good to hang onto. Yeah, been around too many people who do charity irl, have met a few that over the years have turned into Scrooges and end up looking down at anyone else's charity events because it doesn't benefit theirs.
  7. Something to Consider for future Tennobaums. While you are looking at player profile and checking their Wish List, you cannot directly sent gift to players that are not your friends (never tried with friends), you have to manually enter name, which is not a pain but inconvenient, because your entire chat fades. You got a sample of that during Prime Time 229 when attempting to give gift and ended up having to open chat, to then get stock loading lists. Fix the first, might not have to worry about the second problem. Thank you.
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