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  1. Oberon Prime :) But yeah they are useful for helping distract foes but really one only needs a couple or few of them. namely like the Lancer, and On Call with a Wisp or Nidus being really good or an Oberon out. Armies only work with support. yeah, but do add fun seeing a personal army , lol
  2. Umm, Dark Sectors are PvE places you go to and fight infested with % drop rates upgraded but that are largely pointless but for one or two of them.... But that could be expanded on. and again, point is looking at ideas that CAN add value in time, not in doing so being a demand for "do it now right now." If RJ is to matter to the game long term, it needs to have things it can do that matters as an overall mode in the game with stuff to do. (like how "on foot," we have things now. but that more can be done to make alliances mean something per fitting into the whole "new war" thing.) Otherwise its all kinda pointless.
  3. Great games don't need to remove old things that still work good and add to the value of a game when as new things are added that fit with the flow. Sometimes old things were not good and get removed, or they get reworked. but ok. "Good Enough" and empty apathy is the death of a game or franchise. Just as keeping balance as one goes matters, ofc.
  4. So I was thinking, What about Mecha-Beasts? Like we have Moa mecha 'pets,' but like how we have Beasts that are bio what about Xanaku or such called that you get sent after you by the Corpus Orokin guy Alad V., if we were to have also a line of "Melee Bots" maybe also as a thing as how we have Moa with Guns. That if we had "Moa" that can use the Hunter mods and Robotic ones to do Pack / Hunter Healing along with Medi-Beam Ray?
  5. If it adds value and isn't ruining anything or taking away from others' fun in unrelated parts of the game........... "Bloat" is never a bad thing. A better more correct term perhaps and way to look at things being "Game Content Diversity." Diversity of Content being why Warframes is always growing while WoT and WoW are......................................... basically not. There is literally something for anyone to do in WF if they want to with something useful for doing it. And if you don't want to do a lot of a game mode like with say ISO Vaults or are bad at them, others like me can sell stuff from them. And then there are Lua 'rooms' along with Demos / Derelict Vaults, that have goods to gain for sell say as trade for stuff from ISO. "Bloat" / aka / Diversity and Expansion of Game Content is never a BAD thing for a long running franchise to do such they do it right. *(ie, how Warframes is been doing and Elite Dangerous is doing , vs , how Star Citizen failed to do.) I get your point. I just feel you are missing mine. 👍 Yes. To not not have a focused direction for a game. My point being Given that Focused Direction, what might be the next ideas after that.
  6. I made a post for "D-List" Personnel Slot as an Innate Slot for the Crew that comes with the Railjack when you make it. We have ABC Slots we "Gain" as we upgrade our Commander Tree in Intrinsics... that are replaced by Tenno. I want one 4th slot that we either get at Rank 8 + Lich or that is always innate to the RJ perhaps, such that one of the 4 slots is our Lich? Such that the Lich cannot use the Guns but CAN do repairs + defense, would be nice. MAYBE forges idk. . . but Engineer / Defenders as a converged thing would be good for Liches. Same for Normal Crew having the option of a Main and Secondary Role that both can be edited during missions in the Tactical Menu. To have Engineers and Defenders do "Both Jobs" by default with a primary focus on things per said job..., or at least again let us set both. It would be nice say to have a Gunner / Defender + Engineer / Defender and third as Gunner / Pilot or Pilot/Gunner. So that when we go outside the ship they go do the job for us on their own, maybe. tough call. Same thing to have Lich be able to only be Defenders but that Defenders be able to do Repairs also would be nice. So they always clear away invaders as their main focus followed then by doing repairs to the ship at maybe a 0 stars rate.
  7. "I'm very excited now... oouh, the anticipation. I always learn so much from a Live Dissection........." - Tyer Gor? lol, It is an interesting question if there are or were . . . others also.
  8. Its the game. Opposing Ideologies and stuff.... not everyone gets along. Still when its stuff in the overall world, at least they when its directly you and them it doesn't matter like when we got to remake Earth's relay station. I had not yet got gud with Steel Meridian. She didn't seem to mind I was working for Parrine Sequence., lol... But still it would be nice to have ways to make overall gains in ways that are neutral and if "Enemy" were downgraded to 'Dislike' for negatives at times maybe and that gains per medalions ONLY affects them and their allies, to make it easier to make gains with all syndicates..., lol. but eh.
  9. AGREED........ like F t W ?? with the 1.5min cooldown on Mech Launcher stuff??? in the Overworld, lmfao... If anything make it more like with the Archwing or Archgun stuff maybe where the more you kill with it before death the less long the CD , or such..., At least the CD on Redeploy while its alive is short. Would also be nice if the Operator could do "Repairs" to a low-hp Necramech on foot with "Hold Y" maybe. . . if below 30% HP or so.? 30 Seconds Cooldown or less for all modes with it is good... and for a 1min or so for Archguns, to maybe 2min at most if it has a LOT of max ammo. Not "% Left of Max Ammo," but for Total Ammo perhaps., still at least most of the time if its a "lots of stuff to kill" mode one will get lots of ammo drops. Maybe an Ammo Mutation Mod + Eximus Slot for Archguns? :)
  10. Basically......... Railjack Stuff if a more TLDR answer. imo "Railjack" in Warframes is going to be the place to go to find the integrations of the rest of the game in new larger more complex missions. Personally I hope they add "Campaigns" as a thing with RJ where we do like Sorties but more like Arbitrations where we do a series of linked missions where we keep going from one thing to the next in a sequence of linked missions to reach a final boss or target., yee. And have it be ofc "repeatable" maybe if one finishes or has to exit out before the timer is over for it and the next one starts. ("Campaigns" could be the RJ companion mode for Arbitrations / Sorties.) Thoughts?
  11. Power and "Doing Stuff" that lets us use it. lol........ so we can keep farming more stuff with it to help new players with. Railjack + Mechs and possibly + 'Heavy Companions' to go with them could be a fun thing to see done... yee. Basically the end-game is doing whatever parts of the game you love most doing and farming from so to have stuff ya can trade to others that are doing other parts of the game to mutually make gains and sells for plat so we all have a fun good time doing whatever it is we enjoy doing. 😊 Far as the current "End Game" we are moving towards in the New War, it will be interesting to find out.
  12. Nidus + Harrow? They at times come in Twos......... lol, but yee. Golden Harrow as a long standing thing like with Ivara would be nice.
  13. the other thing maybe........... if the "vault" were less of a thing. idk..., or at least was a more regularly rotating thing so its like on a 3 months cycle for any given frame perhaps, that every primed frame and weapon would be up to farm relics for a month at a time and back again 2 months later again for a full month / 30 days / on a regular planned for cycle. This who "YOU MIGHT get a week or two a year" thing for some really good poplar ones like with Rhino or Oberon is.............. dumb. MAYBE there can be some "Legacy / Legendary Frames" where the normals are plenty good and there are better meta WFs one can use but meh..., if its one like Chroma Prime and Monkey Prime though to be ones that are never Vaulted can be a thing that serve as "Utility Frames," along with Limbo? idk. But yeah the "Vault" thing is kinda dumb.
  14. I thought at first ya meant having Primes able to CARRY more than 2 weapons + melee...... But yee, having Primed Djinn + Melee as its own thing separately if at the same time + Them having Nidus + 2 Weapons per normal, not so bad. I would like to see one of em being those 'Fighter' melee can get made that give HP per Crit as a primed perhaps, with Primed Hema maybe.
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