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  1. The difference between Forma and Credits/Mods is that the former is something you have to actively pursue somewhat, since you do need to visit specific missions like Void Fissures to get them, and you usually only get the blueprint which you have to gather more resources for in order to build it. On the other hand, you literally can get Credits and Mods just by playing the game. The spawning tiles for the Corpus Outpost though are so large and filled with hiding spots that you can just hide your Warframe someplace and nobody will be able to see it. Also, Warframes have been invulnerable to damage with your Operator out since Update 22, aka since they introduced the Plains of Eidolon back in 2017. Relevant bit:
  2. So in preparation for the challenge, I tried to accomplish this with a basic Operator with ungilded Mote Amp, all Focus upgrades off (including Waybounds) and no Arcanes. The video below is the result: Does need a bit of practice I admit, since I'm already well versed in Spy missions already, and I even played around at times, but it's perfectly doable with an Operator with zero upgrade effort put on them. Why would this be an issue? Your Warframe is invulnerable to damage while your Operator's out.
  3. At the very least, mods and credits are so plentiful and easy to get that transmuting 12 mods honestly shouldn't be too difficult. I do agree though that Acts that require resource spending have to go, namely the Forma spending, Ayatan socketing, and the Modular Item ones. The mere existence of said Acts encourages a paradoxical situation of hoarding of resources for no real reason in order for players to be ready to accomplish said Acts, while at the same time making them waste said resources that players could've otherwise used for something else they might need more. It's especially egregious for low-mid level players that may not have the ability to get the resources they need in a timely manner.
  4. While the new changes sound nice, it's not really the permadeath that's a problem for most players when it comes to Arbitration, rather it's how tedious Arbitration feels compared to every other mission type due to how it takes twice as long for people to get rewards. Especially with enemies scaling normally once the above changes hit (and thus making Arbitrations even more dangerous the longer it goes), we shouldn't have to play 10 minutes per rotation just to get a reward.
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