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  1. So I love the playstyle of Glaives and I wanna get a good glaive beside my Paracesis. Glaive Prime seems to be the best one but it's vaulted atm. I don't wanna buy the vaulted parts so I'm asking if I can reach a similar strong weapon with one of the other Graves (for example Falcor). Which Glaive would you say is the best after Glaive Prime
  2. No not yet I will do anyways so if I have to in order to rename it that's fine
  3. I currently own like 7 weapons so there's no scrolling. I'm not at home rn but I'll send a Screenshot then
  4. So I wanna rename my Kuva Bramma but when I go to Rude Zuud I can't see it in the Rename option. But I saw people with renamed Kuva weapons so I'm wondering what mistake I make why I can't rename this weapon
  5. I wanted to ask what in your opinion is the best mission to farm the treasure rooms (deimos or void) I wanted to farm continuity so I wondered in which mission I can find the treasure rooms the fastest
  6. Nah I didn't receive anything and when I look in codex at prerequisites there is written I have to research Cephalon Cy at dry dock research terminal and craft it in foundry
  7. But how should I research Cephalon Cy without accessing the research console
  8. Bro I have to build Cephalon cy to start rising tide I'm just doing this for this quest
  9. I got the same problem but I can't access the dry dock terminal in my dojo. I completed all prerequisite quests and built a dry dock at my clan dojo but still can't access the research terminal
  10. Thx for your quick answers but I restarted my game and did the mission again and now idk how I got the finishers on the counter so that's not a problem anymore maybe it was just a bug or something
  11. I also thought about this point but I finished the last 2 or 3 enemies without invisibility, so I should have anyhow minimum 2 kills on the counter (forget to mention) Yeah maybe it's a bug idk
  12. So I have to kill 38 enemies with finisher without getting afflicted by a status effect. I'm a Loki player anyways so I just went into a mission invisible and finished alle enemies from behind. After I finished the mission I looked at my mods and saw that the counter is still on 0/38. Did I do something wrong? (I was invisible and undetected the whole time so I got no status effects on me)
  13. Yeah I'm always using like Nekros or Nidus cuz of poison bonus
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