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  1. There are a few weapons that I was surprised were passed over for the Tenet treatment, chief among them the Serro.
  2. It's a really cool map design but it's a pain to play. And those times you finally have a round that didn't feel like it took forever, the defense objective changes levels. I love the place but I hate playing it. I think it'd be ideal for a condensed Disruption mode and Interception. Sanctuary Onslaught would probably work for it, too.
  3. Ya know, I whooped up on some Sisters for weeks before they started dropping Holokeys, so I don't even think I have 40 yet to buy a weapon from Ergo, but BOY HOWDY am I looking forward to checking his shop EVERY DAY for 60%ers to spend my precious, ridiculously scarce Holokeys.
  4. It cannot be understated that they did that, they did that for years, and they decided that wasn't working well for the game. Just like getting rid of Stamina. Just like wall running was clumsy so they got rid of it.
  5. I love more boxes and backpacks. Less ostentatious syandanas appeal to me.
  6. Lavos is neat and has some good ideas going for him, but ultimately he was only useful to me to feed to Helminth. Vial Rush is pretty cool on Frost instead of his Snowball or whatever that basic, weak-butt first ability is, and having a skill on a timer rather than Energy is pretty handy.
  7. Okay, so. Kuva Liches had weapons that were infused with basic Elements, then the combo elements of Magnetic and Radiation, and the physical damage Impact. It kinda all made sense to me, like those would be the most effective things for Grineer fighting against the Corpus. And then Sisters of Parvos came out, and they kinda ... did all the same thing. I can't be the only one that imagined that the Corpus faction Tenet weapons would be sporting some different combo elements and physical damage. I had it all worked out in my head, ya know. The Sisters of Parvos "should" have had Puncture weapons for use against Grineer armor, plus Gas against Infested and Blast against Grineer machinery. It all made sense. And one day, if there was a major Infested development, we'd see these divine Infested weapons sporting Slash, Viral, and Corrosive. It just all made sense to me. Is there a reason that something like this didn't happen? I can't help wondering it for a moment each time I'm fussing with Tenet or Kuva weapon fusions. Was I truly the only one that thought something different was going to come along for the Corpus?
  8. Really, I'd just be happy if people called The Man in the Wall "Fortunato" instead of "Wally."
  9. Marvel Studios content has no place in Warframe.
  10. If we get to a point where Nekros needs some love, Shadows could always be made to last longer, be stronger while they are around, or something. It can't be understated how handy they are at least for drawing enemy fire away from Nekros.
  11. Reminds me of Pac-Man uncontrollably guzzling crumbs.
  12. Yeah, Detect Vulnerability is a fine mod. Overall, Sentinels need to be shown a lot more love. They've always been fragile and years later that problem has only gotten worse. Right now, Djinn is the only Sentinel I reliably take out into the field because of its Reawaken mod that brings it back to life after 90 seconds.
  13. Is this about Gladiator mods no longer working on Deconstructor?
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