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  1. I was answered so plz disregard my last comment I see that it's too early for nidus buff on Prime since he just came out got it ty community
  2. Could you look in to the Helminth saying equip Nidus when I am on Nidus Prime. My Gara Prime worked and lasted seven days I have spent a lot of material every time you have a hot fix to see if it's really fixed
  3. On PC I still can not use invigoration on nidus prime
  4. Nidus prime still can't not get helminth invigoration
  5. Is anyone else notice Gara Prime second ability not registering. Sometimes I'll cast Gara Prime second ability a count down. Will shoe but no damage numbers will I'll have to cast two more times to register splinter storm is doing damage. Another is when you cast the 4th ability it will not always reset the counter on the 2nd ability
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