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  1. The other platforms too. We need a achievements update, DE.
  2. Was comparing my in-game achievements to my steam achievements and noticed that I only have 74 achievements on Steam but have 78 in game also there are 193 available on steam but 208 in-game. Have the achievements not been updated for a while? Plus the 4 I'm missing aren't even available on steam. (Saviour of Ceres, Saviour of Jupiter, Saviour of Mercury and Saviour of Phobos) TLDR pls add the new achievements to steam/other platforms, the latest ones are the Railjack achievements. (Pilot a crewship, 100 fighter kills)
  3. Still can't mod it even though it shows me the console and the option in menus, it shows the 'configure plexus' prompt but when I click it nothing happens
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