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  1. 5x Mag with mutalist cernos. Same 'exit the same easy you came in'
  2. I've beaten this 4 times now, and each time, i get a green exit marker, telling me to get back in the ship, instead of being able to unlock the junction. Am i missing something? I've used Mag with Zenith each time.
  3. A 'magic bullet' rifle? Kinda makes more sense when explained your way. Is there any way to tell this from inside the game? As is, it kinda comes across as a bug in the game, not a feature of the weapon.
  4. The Exlius mod terminal velocity states that it is a riffle mod. The Zenith rifle can be equipped with other rifle exclusive exlius mods such as eagle eye. The Zenith cannot be equipped with terminal velocity. Am i missing something?
  5. I'm attempting to test with a very squishy frame setup, so no self-damage concerns, but so far on a couple nightmare missions there has been no proc with roughly a dozen frame deaths so far. Djinn L to R, top to bottom includes: Vacuum, spare parts, ... Reawaken sacrifice. This appears to be still broken :( since reawaken has a cool down, and it's caused by NPC damage, shouldn't this work?
  6. Is the plague star coming back soon? For next year: Can you please hold off major stuff until after Canadian taxes are due? I love you folks; but you're distracting, in all the best ways, but still distracting.
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