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  1. Can you run 50 m/s to get away from the radius of the CC? I believe you can't So make the CC has a chance to not working, why don't we just nerf the CC to not 100% turn off the enemies? You prefer stasis suddenly have one enemy not affected by stasis and shoot you without warning? Making them "smarter", how? Doesn't give any result when you can disable them in a split second and no way to react nor retaliate
  2. This is your response when I suggested to tone down slash and viral Now you say this game is too easy because you have your Acceltra, Kuva Zarr and other things. Should we nerf those to make it not too easy? And your response on nerfing CC to not turn off AI in 30 meter radius is this When CC makes enemies don't work at all, what makes them more difficult by making them smarter or not standing still?
  3. And I've said it before, you can try running away from an M79 grenade launcher where it has 76 m/s and lethal blast radius of 5 meters. Average human running speed is 3.5 m/s so tell me, how in the world you can escape something that locks 30 meters radius in one second? Can you show me that you can reach running speed of 30 m/s? Unless you can do it, there's no way you can escape a 30 meter radius lockdown, even when you keep moving
  4. Even my friend who has played from 2014 didn't know this kind of survey exists, and I believe it's because my friend doesn't use Twitter and Reddit so how can someone fill that survey if they didn't know in the first place? Would be more reliable if you get a menu to fill out a survey when you log in and you can choose to fill it or not Depending on how you see it. Vital Sense is the "absolute" for critical damage but my friend doesn't use it and goes with Hammer Shot instead because it adds more status chance and look where he is now, that madman has 100% critical chance and 100% status chance Kuva Karak (yes, I'm jelly) And how do you make it when even the OP raged over nerfs like that one thread I made to tone down slash and viral?
  5. Utterly pointless, I can simply use Vauban or anything that can lock enemies in place and your "smarter enemies" will still become as mobile as a rock while I'm killing them so yes, we would need to nerf CC out to make them able to fight back Such as? Complicated doesn't explain anything and more often than not being unnecessarily filled with redundant tasks Doesn't matter, I can lock down 30 meters of area or cut enemies down 30 meters away without even needing to see them or caring about walls
  6. And more often than not the "power level" doesn't mean anything other than content gating because you will see your power toned down to requirement level no matter how far you've gone to go beyond it. Also, we don't have random loot with "unique perks" because our loot is a sure get item from foundry with no randomization and has its own unique perk
  7. And where was that survey put on? Because I never see this kind of survey And what balance we're talking about? It's listed as gear balance, means balance between each other, not on enemy so tell me, how do you make a single target weapon like Paris or Karak able to fight on the same level and speed when compared to Kuva Tonkor or Kuva Bramma? And you can't do it in warframe? And how do you make it if everyone is a god? Unless you gut the power out there's barely any need for cooperation unless you're making the usual simon says or other convoluted mission with so many steps requiring everyone like Coaction Drift Test to make people "co-operate" And what is "difficult"? And how much people filled that survey, out of 50 million registered players? Because I can tell that my friend like warframe current easy mode and never know this survey exists until you put it in forums
  8. Vauban's Bastille Limbo's Cataclysm + Stasis Nezha's Divine Spear + Blazing Chakram for increased damage taken Nyx's Absorb Excalibur's Radial Blind Chroma's Vex Armor Any warframe can stop even fenrir in its track when you know what to use
  9. I'm going to say it again, nerfs are needed if you don't like the game being too easy but what can I say when you said this This one when I said CC was too strong
  10. Only the prime though, not available for normal variant and not an innate uniqueness. I want a bit of innate uniqueness for Paris that isn't power creep so I set my choice on higher arrow velocity.
  11. I have to say, I like Paris for its model but it feels a bit lacking in identity, feeling little to no difference to other bows. Another thing that I find weird is how it's mentioned as a bow using magnetic field to launch arrows but for some reason it's still having string and the arrow velocity is pretty slow so I'm thinking of making it stand out a bit more. Things I want to change : 1. Remove the string Really, string on basically a "rail bow" is basically unneccessary. 2. Increase the arrow velocity tremendously Looking at Wikipedia, railgun can easily exceed 3 km/s so I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to make Paris able to launch arrows at 900 m/s, giving it a feel of near hit-scan bow, suitable for those who like bows but can't aim worth jack. 3. Increased punch through Seeing how you launch arrows at insane velocity, would make sense if Paris has increased punch through (if not infinite) compared to other bows. I'm thinking around 1.5m - 2m
  12. DE is still doing decent compared to their neighbors, if I should say. They're not nerfing your gain just because players get things fast enough in the first week to pad out time with slow grind, not locking game content behind pay wall where you can only get something new to play around after spending $10 because you get nothing if you don't pay or selling story content for $40 just to get the next part of the full story, or taking away paid content because the game is "too big" and "too hard to maintain"
  13. The question is, why should they make devstream regularly now? I find them beneficial to show what they're working on but on the same time, weaponized to make DE look like an evil devs who don't go on their promises like Duviri and New War. Would be more fun if DE goes full Valve, completely silent and release things when they feel it's good to go. Took them 13 years to release HL : Alyx after HL2 : Episode 2 so yeah, why don't they just stay silent and release things without telling the players beforehand? Would be better to keep people who are way overhyped over one thing showed and making so many speculations, only to rage when things don't go as they expect.
  14. Now explain what is your "fun to do", because other online games out there is the same, you basically grind new level cap, gear or whatever they put it in and then what? You get new gears that is basically the same class of your current gear, but what for? Ah yes, enemy being able to resist a bit is annoying as hell, when those who can't resist is stupid paper hordes. And 99% trash rewards? Look at other games, even more than 99% is trash filler that you only use out of desperation of not getting the good items from RNG, surely that's the fun, yes? You want nerfs for that?
  15. And what makes high health, level, mod, etc giving challenging enemies? As far as I know, high health more often than not turns into annoying bullet sponge in the eye of a lot of game community. Level itself doesn't help when you can wreck level 9999 easily, not to mention people are doing 6x3 (tridolon) in steel path, means with our current power, which is unlimited, we can't have the so called "challenge" To be fair, the so-called challenge ends up being enemies stronger than you or filled with redundant tasks to make you ping-ponging between doing the task and damaging the boss during damage phase. Making enemy as strong as an average warframe? You can try going to Jupiter and find Spectralysts, an enemy that able to copy all of your loadout and see for yourself if it's fun not being able to do anything, having a taste of your own powers and kill you instantly when you're completely helpless Unless we're nerfed to give enemies slight chance to fight, even the "strong enemies" will be under our mercy with how easy we nuke enemies out or lock them in place, unable to do anything Would you kindly tell me what online game that gives you zero recycled content for free after 8 years or more? As far as I remember, the "new content" is still recycled from existing content, just with different paint
  16. You want to change the name? This kind of name can fetch for hundreds of platinum easily, and it's still a bargain with that considerably high element percentage
  17. Ability to change elements like in The New War trailer in conclave, not available in PvE unless you get the augment to unleash the true power outside of conclave
  18. And what do you call it if not arrogance, saying you don't need anything? Look at how people claim this game is too easy because of immense power and want"challenge", I'm doing what usual devs would do to make "challenge", nerfing anything overpowered and make you weaker than your enemies unless you can find a game where you're as strong as the Tenno, doing genocide casually but enemies can still fight despite with all of your power to kill or completely incapacitate your enemies
  19. Guess RNG is screwing with you because of that claim. There's a myth where RNG won't drop what you need when you focus on that thing and it smells your arrogance with "I have more than enough of these, there is literally nothing I need except this". Better empty your mind and heart or it will keep screwing you up. Or fight sisters for guaranteed drop of up to 4 keys in a full team
  20. Teshin's Twin Nikana for rank 5 reward, nowhere else as conclave exclusive weapon
  21. Those relics are useless to you? You can't open them or sell them for platinum? I'm starting to think that the players are very tunnel visioned that they ignore all drops and say "I got nothing" just because that one thing didn't drop
  22. And where did I say 10 - 20 straight hours? You saying that gives the hint that you're that type of player that will abandon everything and sit for 3 days straight for a guaranteed drop. No one said you need to do it for 10 - 20 hours straight, it's roughly 10 - 20 hours in total, you can leave it and come back when you feel like doing it, not burning yourself out to finish it And what games that take 20 hours to finish? What online game you're talking about? In comparison, 20 hours in Warframe isn't doing it straight, you can leave and it won't go anywhere it pretty mild compared to other games where the drop is diluted further with rarity, enchantment, perks, etc. Not to mention the need to upgrade it further with more RNG drop and RNG of successful upgrade
  23. And how saying it has really bad reward/time ratio makes it absolute bad? If each run drops one x10 holokeys, which is RNG based and not everyone can hit that on every run. I find sisters to be the slower but guaranteed run while void storm being a gambling place where you can get it faster or get nothing so it's balanced out Seeing how you can spend an hour doing blitzkrieg in veil storm and get nothing, and probably days before seeing one, it would make veil storm abandoned seeing how you get the same amount and guaranteed per run. And for 10 keys no matter the group size, it makes teaming up unnecessary considering people in this forums want an incentive to team up
  24. In case you don't know, you can group up and get up to 4 with a team so there you go, 10 sisters with group of 4, getting 4 keys + 4 hound parts per run. Make 1 sister taking 1 - 2 hours to vanquish and you get 1 tenet melee in 10 - 20 hours which is comparatively short to legendary 5 weapons with best perks and enchantment
  25. And we also have those who complain "there's nothing to do/grind" once they get the item and level up at hydron, and probably more than those who enjoy playing with the item obtained. Also, those players who log off for extended time will be weaponized by this community as "game is declining", "content drought", and all kind of crap this community can spew so you can tell why most games put insane RNG to get something, not to mention nothing extra dropped once you finish one mission.
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