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  1. So gimping oneself on purpose? And we would have this kind of response And that's because our power grows through mods, not your usual "level up and get stronger" model, and making grineer and corpus having mods? Try entering simulacrum with someone and set friendly fire on, you will see why what you're saying is a bad thing. Their power scale up with levels and eventually they're on higher level of power than us at level 1000+, doesn't make them any more threatening when you can wipe them out or turn them off with CC So, you want challenge or immense power? Can't have both Yeah, sure, "just increase enemy difficulty at a certain point" is surely a perfect suggestion where everyone will understand what you mean in one glance. Now here's the thing, how do you increase enemy difficulty when you can lock down up to 50 meters radius area around you and enemies either getting killed or completely helpless, just being there waiting to be killed or until you stop locking them? Bring down warframe players on a massive scale? Look at anywhere in the net. Forums, reddit, etc., I'm just mucking around with those who want challenge while those people want to bring down the game with excuses like "making the game healthier" or "more fun"
  2. Which is not something that warframe uses. You have zero limit on how far you can grow in power and you don't have level to gauge your power so tell me, how do you add more power on infinite power? And that kind of "collect more power, cycle continues" is what makes me stop playing almost all games with level, new content basically turn into the same grind for power to access new things. If you really want that kind of cycle, it would make sense we have a limit on our power first. Limit our power at base star chart, and the cycle will appear by itself. You reach the maximum growth on star chart and collect more power from arbitration and steel path. It doesn't affect the base star chart, but your power will take heavy hits once you enter arbitration and steel path so you collect more power to survive. There you go, your challenge
  3. I find it fun, but if people keep asking to have "balance" where you play as gods fighting mortals, I'm not shy to propose what needs to be toned down. I can adapt and it's not like we humans are made without capability to adapt and overcome things or we wouldn't reach this level of civilization
  4. With this kind of comment as my consideration A Tenno, which is basically made as warrior god to strike down sentients are no match for rotted clones or average human workers in thick suit with robots so if we want an equal match/enemy, we would see a massive nerf to make us on equal level to them And this is impossible unless we got heavily nerfed to have a limit on how strong we can go Equal means same level of power so unless we get limits on our power (nerf), it won't be equal
  5. I'm just thinking on how to make those who want "challenge" have it, and surely either it will be CC being toned down to not turn off enemies or CC that completely disable enemies have reduced duration to not disable them for too long, removing the fight
  6. Didn't you want challenge? If CC turns off enemies, no challenge will present and CC isn't just about turning off enemies. CC can mean partial disable, preventing enemies from overwhelming you while still able to fight back to make the fight not completely dead. And how do you make them able to fight you when you're basically removing the fight itself?
  7. Do you really need to jump into that conclusion? I'm not suggesting to remove CC, I'm suggesting to tone CC to not completely turn off enemies. Example Divine Spears : No longer make enemies hanging helplessly in midair, you simply root them to the ground, making them unable to move but still able to shoot with greatly reduced accuracy Stasis : No longer stops enemies, slows down enemies when banished and even slower when reaching the center of cataclysm/Limbo, making them able to fight but not as effective Bastille : Slows with gradual armor stripping Now CC can still control the battlefield, but not to the point of removing them from the fight. Look, if all abilities scale to enemy level, at what level you set the "endgame"? Let's say we cap the abilities to deal damage reliably at level 100, that means our power progression stops at level 100 and that's when the "endgame" starts. Also, the so called "challenge" more often than not puts you against stronger enemies to put the pressure on you so yes, if they still want the endgame and challenge, scaling abilities are a mistake.
  8. But it doesn't address how you give those without armor strip or damage buff bigger importance since those without may be able to fight more comfortably but not needed in a team where chroma can just blast them away with 8x damage from Vex Armor, making CC and support have little to no importance. If DE removes true damage from bleed, that means those with armor strip or CC will be needed to keep the pressure from DPS and healer will be important to keep the team alive, making it similar to eidolon where DPS and support need to work together, not just going full DPS and ignore other roles or abilities
  9. With enough range, they don't even have any chance to dodge the chains and what should they do to prevent you from finishing your mission when you use Limbo? Put cataclysm and stasis on mobile defense and no one can touch the mission, basically making it AFK mission until you're done if they don't go inside so what is your solution to make it challenging? Even a human player secretly put into your game session won't be able to do anything unless enemies are Usain Bolt level of fast to be able to dodge, unless you can dodge a grenade with 7m radius coming at you at 30 m/s. That means you only have a second to run 7 meters to dodge and average human running speed is roughly 3.5 m/s, not enough to dodge anything. Not to mention many of warframe abilities easily cover 20+ meters with some range build so tell me, how can they dodge them? And your suggestion makes B tier gun unable to perform beyond level 35, making it useless and only A tier gun and S tier gun viable to deal with them, shoehorning players choice so what's the point of making so many guns if you end up using only a handful of them? Would make more sense nerfing the "A tier" and "S tier" guns to not overperform other guns and keep in mind that warframe doesn't use your mainstream D - S tier guns Like Kuva Bramma, Kuva Zarr, those who can wreck anything without much investment if you want the so called challenge Go on, you can try avoiding one considering many explosives in warframe has more or less half of real-life grenade velocity (40 mm M203 grenade launcher has 250 ft/s or 76 m/s launch velocity). And with how often our mission involves small rooms and corridor, and explosives ignoring cover there's no way you can avoid that
  10. And for comparison, how easy you can access it? And how big is the effect? Right now with slash you can treat grineer armor like they're not wearing armor at all, up to 90x damage you said on certain level. Also don't you find it ironic slash as damage type that doesn't fare well against armor is the best damage type fighting armor, and how our "True" damage is no longer true where it's negated by shields? And you're taking my words out of context, but some people in this forum want warframe to be a generic copy-cat of "overcoming hurdles" and ground based shooter where things like Railjack is for another game instead of being in warframe Let's say we set armor scaling on heavy grineer unit to 1200 at cap, wreck it down with corrosive at 80% on max stack and you have heavy grineer unit with only 240 armor, leaving it at 44.4% damage reduction. While other elements are viable to fight it, slash is still king since slash treats it like having 0 armor, making it coming out on top on dealing with armor. Couple it with increased EHP and it goes back to the square one, slash being the best to deal with armor. Not to mention it scales with critical and viral, making 45k damage tick possible. Another problem is those without damage buff will be struggling while DPS like Chroma can just scoff at it with 8x damage boost so support roles is unnecessary If you can give me a proposal to make slash still able to bypass armor but not treating enemies as if they have 0 armor and make support roles having bigger importance, I'm all ears. Is it? Since I'm pretty sure end-game more often than not pigeon-hole players into the meta with all kind of equipment available or you will struggle to finish a phase. Armor stripping is too much? Put a hard cap on how many armor you can strip. Let's say corrosive reducing up to 90% armor with armor stripping abilities also removing only up to 90%. Now you have two equal ways to deal with armor. You can use either one or use in tandem for maximum result
  11. First of all, I'm not saying you shouldn't post about balance, endgame and challenge. You surely can make a post about it but when so many things that is out of power such as Chroma that can easily reach 8x damage increase on 300% strength, how do you make balance, endgame and challenge if not nerfing so many things first? Surely you will struggle again in Steel Path if everything gets balanced You gave more reason to nerf lots of parts of this game if you prefer to have this game not requiring damage on most of the game It's more than just Mesa and Saryn - Ash can go invisible and storm enemies with blade storm without them knowing what you do - Atlas can petrify enemies, making them basically unable to do a thing - Banshee basically stun enemies for a short moment with silence or outright make them unable to fight back using sound quake - Baruuk puts enemies into sleep, making them have nearly zero threat - Harrow can chain enemies in place, making them inactive - Limbo is basically freeze anyone with stasis inside the rift, nothing can move nor do anything - Nezha just impale anyone dare to come close with Divine Spears, making them as dangerous as BBQ meat on skewers - Khora make enemies useless with Strangledome - Vauban locks enemies in place with Bastille and Tether - Volt stuns enemies with Shock or Overload That's just some of things that turn off all enemies, not to mention with range build you can simply use abilities and they'll turned off no matter if they're standing still in the open or behind cover. Remove abilities to turn off enemies even when they stand still and you will see the difference You buff enemies, anything that doesn't able to deal damage will instantly thrown to D tier so it would save more time and effort nerfing the "S-tier" to make them more in line to those that aren't on S tier. Let's say you buff enemies, those that can't kill them as fast as Kuva Bramma will be dismissed and left behind. You buff weapons to catch up, enemies will feel weak again and you buff again. Repeat and it's Diablo with its insane numbers so it would make sense to nerf a handful of weapons than buffing hundreds after you buff enemies Nerf the outliers, those that below the outliers won't be affected while those outliers will be on similar level. No need to nerf everything And look why : Kuva Zarr has high base damage with up to 841 base damage, coupled with 2.5x base critical multiplier you can reach up to 5,5x with Vital Sense. Add Serration and you're seeing 2228.65 damage with 12,2257 on critical. Unless we tone down either the base damage or critical damage, what is the reason to use single target weapons? And how often they will survive when the bombs easily reach them and kill them?
  12. Doesn't matter, you have tons of ways to shut them off either temporarily or permanently so should we nerf those too?
  13. No, the cheesing armor part is the one that need to be addressed before you people who keep screaming warframe needs endgame can have one I doubt any game has other ways to deal with armor/defense other than stripping them down. The only difference is other games make you do it very slowly by casting it over and over until the defense/armor goes down to zero. And he's the one who wants it to be gone. Even chuckling when thinking how glorious the meltdown will be if slash gets nerfed because too many people boast on how easy warframe is while crutching on cheese. He's not bound to one tool, he's adaptive and I learned things from him Isn't endgame basically that, pigeonholing players into set gears and roles in any game with "endgame"?
  14. And by design, the most accessible in option is cheesing the game which shouldn't be allowed and if DE were as hard as other devs, it would be nerfed to hell in one day Just like any other game where not every class can boost damage or lower enemy defense, now you either special equipment or another class to fight with you. Isn't that what you people want? To be honest, that's the ugly truth of "endgame" and "challenge". You're put with unfavorable position where enemies have insane armor/defense that is beyond your power to make going alone nearly impossible if you don't bring another players with another role. Try playing any game and look for yourself if it's not the same with warframe but with even less choice to bring and no way to cheese them That means there's a limit on how far you go and DE can set the line. If our power is set at level 40, that means level 41+ is the "endgame". Why bother to use the ability if any weapon can outperform by thousands of damage? We nerf them then Apparently those people keep wanting to change warframe into dark souls so I'm just putting it. You people brought this, I'm just thinking on what to do to make it a reality. Stop those people from making any post about balance, endgame and challenge and I would stop making this kind of post
  15. And why there's no endgame if not because how powerful we are to the point sorties and Steel Path becomes easy? Isn't "endgame" basically the hard part once you're on top of your power progression? If there's no end of it, where do you set the endgame? No regular content you do everyday? What is star chart to you then? Why would it cause more troubles than not if what you want is "endgame"? Set the balance and power cap at star chart level and there you go, sorties and Steel Path become the endgame. Isn't that what you people want?
  16. Instilling fear to enemies to make them run away and clear the area for you is stupid? Put this in any MMORPG and it would be the most wanted CC to bring. Armor strip itself is a sprinkle on top since the biggest purpose of Terrify is pushing enemies away from you and lighten up the combat pressure especially when you need to revive someone or defense objective is on low health and enemies are everywhere What is the good CC in your view then? Depends on how you see it. Having 7 enemies to distract the horde isn't useless and seeing how the priority on shadows from past change, you can easily have 7 heavy units ranging from heavy gunner to bombards when fighting grineer. That's one nice powerhouse compared to one enemy although 500% is a bit too much, 50% - 100% is more acceptable
  17. That's your problem with Nyx tweaks? I'm really questioning this community's view on this game Is Nekros just to spawn minions? Absolutely not. You're being too Narrow Minded Even if we're talking about the minions, 90% DR makes a big difference on fighting and the minions themselves aren't supposed to replace you in fighting. 7 shadows is a lot and with the change on revive priorities, you can easily have 7 heavy units to fight with you compared to only 1 Second, the management aspect is what makes the game "engaging" especially when this community complains about "press 1 button and forget" while complaining about "too much things to focus" at the same time He's more than just spawning minions Soul punch is a quick CC to knock enemies Terrify makes enemies stop attacking and run away, allowing you to revive without fear of getting shot compared to Nyx where an enemy under chaos without anyone to fight have a chance to attack you instead of looking for another opponent Desecrate for extra loot What else you need?
  18. Sure, balance our gear at star chart level and see how sorties become insanely tough and Steel Path becoming suicide missions. We have content to balance things around, just people who go ape over anything
  19. Upper content doesn't need that entry gate of viral + slash. Sorties and arbitrations are still possible solo without slash + viral. Steel Path is where if slash + viral gets nerfed, it becomes a bit closer to "endgame", where going solo is suicidal and bringing best gears with you still makes you struggle to stay alive and kill enemies efficiently. Every warframe has a way to strip armor if you have the whole arsenal. The easiest one would be shattering impact where any melee with impact damage can destroy armor as example, no need to switch to play styles you don't want to do and you don't need to strip 100% armor in practice, only enough to make your weapons deal enough damage I'm not suggesting to make star chart a slog and tough, I'm taking Steel Path into consideration where even enemies with 90% damage reduction doesn't matter because you can just bleed them to death, ignoring their armor so I'm removing that to make teamwork and synergy having bigger importance than just brute forcing everything solo Balancing means nerfing things that too strong in the range, not just buffing things until it's "balanced". Warframe abilities with scaling is a mistake. If warframe abilities scale with enemy level, what's the point of having enemy level? And where is the "endgame" that this forum keep screaming to DE to add if you can still fight level 9999 comfortably with the scaling? Remove that and you will have the upper limit of warframe abilities to put the line of "endgame" Fixing enemy AI won't do much when you cover 50 meters radius around you with your abilities, not to mention the hard lock on CC abilities where enemies can't even do a thing that I doubt even if a human player enters your session they won't be able to do anything so you want even more nerf on warframe abilities to make the AI able to do something? Buffing unit? CC unit? Look at past threads where CC units get complained being "not fun" Tell me if you can find a game where you're as strong as the Tenno and the enemies able to put pressure on you that isn't heavy damage to make you retreat and heal or bosses with millions of HP and multiple health bars to deplete Almost every game that gives you challenge makes you as weak as puppies, if not brick walls where you bash your head against it if you're not weak
  20. And being able to bypass armor is not balanced, not to mention the insane damage tick you can get from it when the damage from the direct hit itself is nowhere near the damage tick. Last time I see my friend testing Vectis Prime with Hunter Munitions with me shows result bleed damage dealing 45,000 damage from a critical headshot and the bullet itself deals lower than 500 damage on level 165 Heavy Gunner so what part of it is balanced? And I find that to be the key to encourage teamwork and loadout synergy. You have tons of ways to deplete armor but doesn't matter much when you can just use slash + viral to bleed them to death, technically dealing the multiplier damage you listed And armor stripping isn't available for every warframe so eventually even a 300% strength Chroma won't be able to brute force the higher level such as Steel Path, means going alone as DPS won't give you satisfying result and progression unless you bring other equipment to fight efficiently or having a teammate to support your DPS. There you go, one step closer to "endgame" that by this forum community definition means you need to bring your best gear and teamwork to finish the fight, not just go alone and nuke everything to oblivion. Armor stripping itself comes with some risk and cost compared to slash + viral where you can just blast enemies face from far away and let the tick finish the job
  21. Buffing enemies has little to no effect when the strong will still wreck them. It makes those that aren't as strong becoming less useful and left behind Buffing weak equipment will make a lot of effort and makes enemies need buff, making it a race of buffs until the number explodes uncontrollably Nerfing is the most sensible way and since this game doesn't have your basic game equipment tier, having "S-tier" means it's just the only thing you use and you would complain things are too easy anyway so yes, no S-tier should be allowed Then it's questionable if you really want challenge or not because challenge means you will be struggling to clear the mission, even if it's not too hard
  22. Balancing means there's buff and nerf. And yes you said it If you're a god on your golden throne fighting mortals, what kind of "challenge" exists for you? Nerfs all the way to the point sortie 1 enemies are a massive struggle solo and you get your bit of challenge
  23. Bypassing armor is almost never a thing in games. Warframe is one of the very few games that allows you bypass armor and probably the only game with so little restrictions and requirements. Most games require you to do something or equip something and it's still not a 100% bypass. Durable enemies doesn't matter when they're bled to death, and other roles than DPS doesn't matter much when DPS itself can bypass armor and boost it to absurdity like max strength chroma on vex armor. You don't even need to debuff, just get to maximum buff number and see the damage tick finish the enemies even if the damage from the bullet itself is at 2 - 3 digit numbers so removing this cheese means opening ways for other tools One cheese gone means armor stripping has bigger importance and more tools to achieve that compared to stacking slash. You have tools to strip armor from warframe to companions that aren't overshadowed by armor bypass from slash Seeing how things go and people keep asking DE to reward their efforts to clear SP, I'm not surprised people will find excuse to grind their soul out and complain like that one thread about grinding your soul away in plague star for forma Is it? Or will it make debuff more important than brute forcing armor with damage boost + bleed + viral?
  24. Depending on how smart you build it, like this friend of mine boasting his 100% crit and status chance weapon Looks pretty normal and doesn't use your usual mod with highest value, but gives better result
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