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  1. With how much freedom you can have with warframe mods, there's ought to be a build that is eventually should be "illegal", being overly strong and wreck anything in your path Share and boast your build here
  2. Bypassing armor is almost never a thing, at best you're either stripping or reducing armor to make enemies softer to beat. Stripping armor completely is not always beneficial, as you lose the 75% bonus damage using element the armor weak against, making them taking only 50% more damage if you happen to have element against the health type. Enemies being more durable doesn't mean a thing if you can wreck all things with viral + damage boost + enemy debuff to make your damage output sky high. This means more nerfing beyond viral and slash. If bleed still able to bypass armor, no other role important other than DPS such as chroma to boost the bleed damage per tick, going back to square one where anything that doesn't able to boost damage being left behind so armor bypass from bleed needs to be removed and only put on finishers. Like I said, more nerfs beyond slash and viral, and pray you're not hunted down by someone after this. Someone got a bounty on his head over a meme group so I'm not surprised if someone got a bounty for "ruining the fun in warframe". Challenge itself is already pigeon-holing players by decreasing variety until only gears that able to delete high level enemies quickly left as the choices. The so-called challenge or high level is almost never about choices, it's only META to finish in a reasonable manner or you will spend a lot of time just to finish it and it's the most one-dimensional part of any game.
  3. Doesn't make it feel different than capture and there's no responsibility in there so no teleportation system, but tons of reinforcement coming is something good to give bigger importance on protecting the hostage
  4. Apparently many here wants it, having to pay attention against 20+ enemies at the same time and not able to skip the fight by blitzing with bullet jumping and gliding If you only care for the drop as reward and not the gameplay itself. These people are called 'loot whores' by a community where they only come for the drop See if those who want this game to be balanced enjoy that slog, because they're the one who want it. They got to eat their words if they end up not enjoying it
  5. By your definition single player games like CoD are idle games since they're not a string of choices, just do this and that listed on your screen That's a load of crap, seeing how games with "high level activity" or "challenge" being the most restrictive, requiring you to bring your best guns and play Simon says instead of doing what you want. At least in Warframe you have all options if you want to go efficient or stupid fun. Those 15 best mods used is player's choice, not forced by the game. You can bring an MK-1 braton with all fire rate and reload mods slotted and still win because how strong we are or this would be impossible to do when you're made to overcome hurdles that end up shoehorning mods like Steel Path. In other words, star chart is the most open and freeing because you're the strongest there as power fantasy game, not when you overcome difficulty like you said
  6. If everyone can bypass armor with bleed, DPS will be the only thing brought to boost the bleed and not a single damage type should be allowed to bypass armor or it's just bypass and nothing else matters. Health and armor scaling balance? That's a load of crap, seeing how many games out there have absurd amount of health and armor/defense to make you go there with a whole team consists of DPS, healer, support and mage but no one bats an eye on that as you said So yes, by not allowing slash to bypass armor, you get durable enemies that requiring you to bring your best guns instead of poorly modded peashooter. Other options, you bring a teammate to debuff enemies and support DPS damage output or bring anything to destroy armor to go solo. There you go, bigger importance for debuff and support role Isn't this what you want? It's not obtainable if we're still able to one man army everything so remove the capability to bypass armor, limit the damage buff abilities, tone down all damage reduction and you'll see how sortie enemies become very overwhelming solo, even more in SP No, nothing is "too much of a nerf" if you want things to not be "too easy"
  7. That's what usually happen on other games where the "endgame" consists of absurdly scaled enemies to make roles important. You bring DPS, tank, support (buff/debuff), healer and mage in your team or don't bother
  8. And more reason to change slash bleed damage from true damage to slash. Once you're no longer bypass armor, that means DPS will eventually fall off unless you have debuff capability in your arsenal or team, making debuff/buff role having bigger importance on high level to complement DPS position Viral and Heat? We can tone down the effect if that's the problem. Viral can be set to 50% - 100% bonus damage so the difference won't be too big and heat can be tone down to provide lower armor strip, making them a choice to bring but not to the point of not usurping Corrosive if that's what you want Toxin doesn't see much use because the shield itself is pretty easy to deplete but once you get on higher level, especially on Steel Path where shields are far thicker than health, it will take too long to take down even with viral so Toxin will see bigger importance in your arsenal
  9. So just because I don't want to face any challenge means I don't want to play a game? Not every game must be a string of pseudo-meaningful choices, having stakes and such. The 'progress forwards' in warframe still exists and once you're done, you're the strongest in the game so why must I struggle despite finishing the 'progress forward'?
  10. We can make them no longer teleport so you have to escort them We can have the capability to escort them by hand like this But you're limited to your secondary weapon and don't even think about melee, you'll release the hostage to be able to use your melee
  11. What you want, you mean. I don't want that kind of power fantasy of overcoming incredible odds and great trials. I had enough problems in real life and I don't want to face more problems in a game. Heck, if I can do exterminatus in one finger snap, I would take it in a heartbeat. That's my power fantasy
  12. For now, rescue mission doesn't feel like there's any responsibility to keep the hostage alive and well and I think there's a way to make it more responsible Taking notes from Plains of Eidolon's rescue bounty, you can't just rush to the place since the hostage itself must reach the place. Why don't you change star chart rescue mission to be similar to that? Hostage should reach extraction safely in order to complete a mission, not just open the jail door and blitz through extraction even when the hostage is down. Hope this can be put into consideration
  13. Or hide behind cover a lot, just like playing a mainstream shooter games (PUBG, CoD, etc.)
  14. tell that to those who want the game to be balanced, I'm just mucking around here
  15. Get gravimag for your archgun, wreck necramech with that Or get someone with you using guardian derision as tank role while the other blast the back of the necramech
  16. I see this as absolute win for reasons 1. I don't need to sit down and boot up my laptop to play after work, I can play while laying down on the bed 2. I don't need to fight over the folding table with my sibling to put the laptop. If my sibling needs to use the table I can just whip out my phone 3. I can play anywhere, no need to use big sized laptop to play warframe anymore For maneuvers like bullet jump? Not much of a problem, I've been shaped through pubg mobile so pressing multiple buttons quickly shouldn't be a problem
  17. We? Speak for yourself, I find joy from hitting one button and be done with it. It shows how powerful I am from all of those things I do to gain the power. Why must warframe be the same with the rest of the game? I barely play other games now seeing how little the difference I make after getting all things to make me stronger Preoccupied? Only if you're a new player with little to no upgrades. Once you get enough power you're not going to be preoccupied with those fighting you. You're just wiping them out and the one setting off an alarm will be dead before that one enemy can run 100 meters away from you With how we can AoE the crap out of the map, give them ways to survive? You tell me, how do you survive against someone who ignore if you're behind a cover or not and will just spread death around you? Nerf us to the ground? The reason it was created? A space ninja doing genocide without breaking a sweat, I find it fun being able to do it after going home from work, not stressed out trying to not get hit nor keeping my health high enough to survive And potentially ruining the fun of those who like to kill enemies in a nanosecond? Seeing how enemies being resistant or immune to warframe abilities are dismissed as "cheap", surely the community will accept you with smiles Blast them with pure void energy from operator, they're now back to weak again In the end it's still killing things, with random modifiers slapped, basically what other games do and I'm sure you know how people react to it. Not to mention the escort part, you know how popular defection is Yeah, no. You can take multiple roles in one Tenno. Such as Nezha, being able to CC, heal, offensive, tank, support in one go. How do you categorize each warframe into a role? Keep in mind warframe is not your basic mainstream game with one set role. You can become all class in one character
  18. Guess I'm corrupted from those who keep saying this game needs nerf to make challenge and difficulty
  19. I find it suspicious on why you keep insisting that armor scaling is the real problem when slash is able to bypass armor, making heavy armor obsolete to all damage type but one. Even if armor scaling is toned down eventually it will be back to square one where anything other than slash will be nearly obsolete. Changing slash to not being able to bypass armor through bleed DoT means heavy armor will be a high level obstacle, making debuff having bigger importance in your loadout or team to help DPS dealing with the enemies, not just toning down and still letting slash bypassing armor With all weapons being able to reach 75% crit chance, there's no reason to separate between status and crit weapons, all weapons will be the same and worse, weapons that are used to be a status focused weapons will be a hybrid which is considerably better than pure critical weapons. Toning down critical damage might take more effort, but you can make those that deal too much damage (Kuva Tonkor for example) has significantly lower critical damage, making it not a one button push AoE kill. Isn't that what you want?
  20. And your mentality is still stuck on things being equal. What's wrong with warframe being gods? There are tons of games with fights being equal Unless DE change the tileset system to allow alternative route, I doubt this will happen anytime soon when there's only one way to extraction As if other games have something where killing/breaking things is not 80% of the mission. What shooter game that isn't killing/breaking things 80% of the mission? Such as? They do have differences, provided they're not killed in one bullet And how setting off an alarm preventing us from killing them? Suddenly they have invincibility just from setting off an alarm? Let's see if you're not the first one complaining about this when it's added into the game That just makes bullets and throwable melees pointless and people would shift to any AoE abilities that ignore cover and enemy dodge For you Not really, killing enemies with dumb ways is my version of entertainment and fun. I'm not playing games to keep me on my toes as entertainment and fun Seeing how you go, looks like you're the salty one
  21. Apparently you don't mind though, having your things touched. We can set the base critical damage for each weapons if DE feels worth the time. Maybe AoE weapons have the lowest base crit damage (1.25x or lower) while single target weapons having higher crit damage (up to 1.4x) Making crit stat additive doesn't help normalizing this. If all weapons get +75% base crit chance, might as well make every weapon have 75% critical chance. Swapping? If there's only one crit increase mod allowed, that would make things lower in power from limiting the number (unless you didn't read the part of not making crit mods stack) and the mods like vital sense not being a mandatory mod for every critical focused weapons
  22. Blame the tenno two posts above you, I'm just mucking around with their inability to handle freedom and power. Shut them for good and I stop making this
  23. With how many abilities to lock down the whole map? Doesn't matter, even Saryn can ignore that ability with miasma And at what level should they able to shred you easily? Make it able to shred chroma with 300% strength and you will see the rest abandoned from being "too squishy". Make it shred most at reasonable time and see tanks like chroma or inaros just walking to the turret like nothing happens Elite reinforcement, maybe but what makes them such a danger? And for perma lock, does that mean mission fail if they lock the door on the way to extraction? More interactivity is possible when you're at equal or weaker than your enemies. You're a god fighting mortals, explain how you interact with your godly powers What variety? Only saying "VARIETY" doesn't make everyone understand. You just look like most people in forums screaming of wanting this and that but never specify the word, and most of them end up complaining on what they get from DE trying to make things from their words
  24. With what I heard about how critical focused weapons able to deal more damage, and how easy to increase your critical damage to deal insane amount of damage (up to 8.4x with soma prime using vital sense and hammer shot), maybe you guys would like it if critical damage is made far lower to make it not too far outperforming pure damage/status weapons For the mods, you have 3 possible mods on primary for example - Vital sense (+120% critical damage) - Hammer shot (+60% critical damage, +80% status chance) - Bladed rounds (+120% critical damage when aiming after a kill for 9 seconds) To make critical damage not seeing too high of increase, some changes I've been thinking - Make all of them not available for stacking - Reduced vital sense increase (120% -> 60%) - Reduced hammer shot increase (60% -> 40%) - Reduced bladed rounds increase (120% -> 80%) OR Change them to be additive instead - Vital sense (+0.4x) - Hammer shot (+0.3x) - Bladed Rounds (+0.5x) Then, for base critical damage itself, all weapons will get lower base from 1.25x - 1.4x, making them still able to deal more damage but not at such a huge margin that it makes non critical weapons left far behind
  25. And what is "challenge"? I find that the so called challenge is nothing more than putting enemies stronger than you to put pressure on you. We're already made as the strongest specimen in universe so what is challenge now?
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