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  1. Hello, i just wanted to point out that trowing gliave, detonating it and then catching it "too fast" makes it so that u cant trow it again with first button press. Both E and Left click share this problem. Easy way to recreate problem is to keep trowing gliave and detonating it, catching it and trying to trow it again. It doesnt happend every single time, but its quite often. Its not stance mod problem i tested it happens without stance mod as well. Sadly i cannot test with other then Xoris as i dont own any other gliave, but i doubt its Xoris problem. I have to point out that it has nothing to do with self stagger or so. I play with gliave alot and this was not happening before last patch. Asked in my clan and few people that play with gliaves as well have noticed problem too. I hope it gets fixed. Let me know if i can provide more info. Thanks! I dont understand why theres no proper bug reporting tag for things like this so i had to chose random tag.
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