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  1. How about training an AI for the chat moderation aid? It can take all previous chats and their moderated results as source and start training more with active human moderators. This would allow more effective cover for all different (public) chats in the game. AI would look over all the chats and sends cases to moderators for taking closer look. This would allow profiling per player, taking count of their skills in language, what area they live and bit of their generic typing behavior as well. Also possible contextual implementation of chat could be incorporated to the system, so more than just plain 'chess'-game with single sentences only. Once AI has learned enough it could be let do moderation independently, in limited fashion, when immediate human moderation is not available. Giving tool of muting, suspending of sending public messages (to any channel), for cases that are not clear breaking of rules, but score high enough to be deemed to be reviewed by moderation. It would maximum time of one or two hours, or till the case triggered muting is reviewed by moderator and given proper needed action has been done. Players getting muted would get messaged by the AI and can give feedback to the case they triggered, and this would be added to the report what is later reviewed by some moderator. To help moderation to deal with possible numerous cases this system could generate, old or less scored cases would be dropped out and mute involving it would be lifted. Cases containing user feedback of the action would be still always reviewed by moderator, at some point. System would limit how much work is directed to moderators and allow them to do what they do primary, look the chat and perhaps even take part of it. Not just look constant stream of AI events and resolve them. This drop out method also gives chance to have soft punishment for the minor offenders. If you don't give any feedback to case, you agree that you did something less acceptable and try to not repeat it again. The short'ish mute is the disciplinary action. If case would be dropped due moderation capacity, it would be only remain as type of case in history. If same type is triggered soon enough, it would be flagged to be processed by moderation and earlier same type cases will be available for person resolving case as evidence. These ones will not timeout. They say that road to evil are paved in road of good intentions, so for this system, the good intentions is to give better flexibility to any disciplinary actions given out. Increase the reach and perhaps even quality of moderation. Improved feedback system from players that have been involved in any moderation case. As long as moderation is done by volunteers in any measurement, i feel they are more connected to the people in game and have more heart, than the 'professional' chat moderators coming from outside. Sure they do their job, but its the job that gives me the creeps. But if system ain't working good enough or load is coming unbearable, its not weakness to ask for help. Good moderators are legendary drops, specially those that are not making direct increases to costs. One does not never have enough of them. Automated moderation is the necessary evil in the formula. It will be around to cover the times when you do not have human element available. Human moderation in chat(s) is a privilege that we should appreciate. It is sure prone to quirks and habits what comes each moderator as person, but always beats automated one. Remember, moderators are not your enemy. They are your friends. They are - our last, best hope - for quality chat. Against shad... cold and calculative AI or the void of nothingness. "I've been banning, Moderator...I thought you'd want to know."
  2. Too bad the fixes aren't as hot as the posters of fixes. But least we get Mesa prime soon as consolidation prize 😉
  3. some repairs of Discharges functions where applied earlier, look those patch notes. Thanks, any patch that fixes more than it breaks is a great patch
  4. Would this upgrade also update [DE]Kickbot to [DE]CephalonKick ?
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