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  1. it's about time we became as deadly as the lore says we are. No nerfs are needed as we literally massacred our own creators and the enemies we were created to defeat. All these new abilities do, is get us closer to what the lore says we were, UNSTOPPABLE DEMONS.
  2. Ahh nerframd hits again. Getting sick and tired of DE nerfing stuff. If it's fun, it has to be nerfed!@
  3. When are you going to learn that flat based anything on abilities is stupid, counterproductive and just not what the Orokin would have done. This goes all the way back to when when you nerfed Mag and made her damage flat instead of percentage. Heck could even go further back to when you nerfed World On Fire for Ember. Stop breaking things, please. All these changes do is make the game less fun, and continues to force people to a certain meta, so other frames and weapons, etc, are completely ignored, no matter how "godly" the riven disposition is. Do you want to have most of your work ignored and have players playing one set of focus/abilities/warframe/weapons? Because changes like this are how it happens. If you actually played the game, maybe you'd understand, but as it is, we know that very few staff actually do.
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