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  1. LMAO and Aznvasions himself said 'dont do this' further proving my point. now shoo shoo bye Also, here, in his very own words: 'If you only have a CC MS riven, the only way it will oneshot is if you are in a 4-man squad with a fair amount of combo, or you are using Eclipse, or have Void Strike stacks still in solo.' go check the comments
  2. u must be high. Vulkar itself as a weapon is complete trash without a god roll riven.... like i said...... in that vid he is depending on warframe and companion buffs. are you okay?
  3. i did, hes depending on avenger and his kavat. and he needed lots of combo and eclipse. proved my point????
  4. BUDDY, Without a riven you cannot guarantee crits at all. completely unreliable and little to no chance of 1 shotting unless you build up 6009287347 combo and use mirage eclipse. come on, vulkar is just straight up bad without a riven....
  5. yes vulkar is ONLY good if you have a CC MS CD god roll riven.... which costs 2k+... yeah just go with rubico lanka or vectis.
  6. hmm... both should be fine, but i am mainly focusing on eidolons and i like burst fire. which one does more damage?
  7. Hey, im thinking of finally getting an amp and upgrading from this stinkin' mote amp. The prisms that I desire at the moment are Granmu (3 shot grenade), Rahn (full auto), and Cantic (3 shot burst). I see the Rahn does the least damage but has high dps. I am not sure of the differences between Granmu and Cantic. I wanna go with whichever does the most damage. Granmu vs Cantic?
  8. My current kuva lich is pretty bad, 27% kuva karak. I want to convert it so it can help me in missions. Has there even been a case where a Kuva lich helping you dies in battle? what does it look like? just curious.
  9. since redeemer prime is vaulted, i need a powerful gunblade that is easy to farm/get. i am already building prerequisite parts for the Sarpa, but will there ever be a sarpa prime? playing with non primed items make me feel like a scrub
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