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  1. https://imgur.com/a/TzebQtO thoughts? didnt read the whole thing, not sure of specific requirements such as weapon, %, etc. It has a VOLT STORM HELMET on its shoulder.
  2. LMAO and Aznvasions himself said 'dont do this' further proving my point. now shoo shoo bye Also, here, in his very own words: 'If you only have a CC MS riven, the only way it will oneshot is if you are in a 4-man squad with a fair amount of combo, or you are using Eclipse, or have Void Strike stacks still in solo.' go check the comments
  3. Vulkar itself as a weapon is complete trash without a god roll riven.... like i said...... in that vid he is depending on warframe and companion buffs.
  4. i did, hes depending on avenger and his kavat. and he needed lots of combo and eclipse. proved my point????
  5. BUDDY, Without a riven you cannot guarantee crits at all. completely unreliable and little to no chance of 1 shotting unless you build up 6009287347 combo and use mirage eclipse. come on, vulkar is just straight up bad without a riven....
  6. yes vulkar is ONLY good if you have a CC MS CD god roll riven.... which costs 2k+... yeah just go with rubico lanka or vectis.
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