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  1. Hey, small issue with Nova's Null Star. When I have 278% duration in game (max Constitution, R8 Primed Continuity and Narrow Minded, and max Augur Message) I only get 16 stars; however, in warframe builder it shows 17 stars. Warframe Builder: http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nova_prime/t_30_2320000030_6-2-5-7-6-5-8-8-5-13-1-3-49-7-8-401-5-0-479-0-8-615-9-5-857-3-5-900-4-7_479-6-13-7-6-6-857-7-900-9-401-6-7-9-49-14-8-14-615-9_0/en/1-0-32 In game: https://puu.sh/D6l43/d9f6595a86.png https://puu.sh/D6l41/70214c213f.png Not quite sure what's causing the issue, but I thought I'd let you know.
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