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  1. I had a similar issue to this with the 660Ti series, it's a "TDR" issue, and (surprisingly, as much as I refused to believe it at first) was not the fault of Warframe, rather the driver-version you are using. It may be worthwhile to try and downgrade your GFX driver, for some of the older GPU's; Nvidia screwed the settings up on their most-recent driver updates - thus causing WF to crash randomly with no particular pattern. For me, I had to downgrade to driver 388.71 and all games (Battlefield, Warthunder, Outlast 2, even Warframe now) work for me much better.
  2. Perhaps you are hard of hearing, so allow me to subtitle this for you and everyone else griping so much since simply listening is apparently difficult nowadays... From 10 Seconds on... "So as you guys know we don't like to give release dates, but we will give you a release window. We're hoping for starting November 1st (that's sort of our target that first week of November...November one to November to y'know...first week dates)." ~[DE]Rebecca
  3. I hope your families get carried away by ants. GG 1v1 me.
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