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  1. Based on averaging out the stats and prices manually on https://semlar.com/rivenprices/arca scisco I'd estimate 50 - 75p (at best?). +zoom really doesn't benefit it much. And Toxin + Electricity = Corrosive Not necessarily a bad combo, but could inhibit some player-specific builds. =================================== Ideally, you'd want something along the lines of... Status Chance (Being Arca Scisco has a base of 26%) Damage Multishot Critical Damage and/or Critical Chance (A combo of these would greatly raise the riven value by ~175 - 225p)
  2. In all honesty, I really don't care. You said he needs a "buff" - I said he doesn't (Except his 1 maybe) You asked how I got to the 32-second mark - there it is. You asked how the range is - It's pretty sh***y. I'm not making a full-on custom build just to suit your gameplay. There are ways to adapt both range and a very good amount of invisibility. Play around with the mod builds on WarFrame builder if you're so interested in finding new builds for Loki.
  3. You can tweak this for more range if you really need it. My disarm/range build is completely different though. Personally I like a speedy silent Loki
  4. No. 32 Seconds is MORE than enough invis / near god-mode time. Not to mention you get an insane melee dmg buff while invisible. If you can't find a little wall to hide behind for less than a second to press the "2" key again, then it's your issue, not the frame's. PS - The only thing I would like "buffed" on Loki is to make his 1 relevant. It's a light reflection and supposed to "distract" the enemy, but for some reason, it both doesn't even scale and is pretty much OHK...by bullets...while everyone and everything can walk right through it (Logic / 10).
  5. Fear not. I've saved you from negative 5 reps. You're now at negative 4!
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