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  1. Prime-Ares

    this new gearwheel is awful

    Gonna bump this POS wheel issue. In all honesty, I've tried to like it, I've tried using it in the liset, reformatting the design of it, hell even memorizing where everything is on it. But it's just an infinite circle spiraling downward more than my depression at this point trying to use the dam thing in the heat of battle - not to mention it RANDOMIZES the gear positions (e.g. Item #1 may be on the bottom when customizing it in the liset, but then item #1 will be on top of your gear wheel in battle, or might not even be on the gear wheel you see till you spin it around a few dozen times to see it - and even then it might decide to fly somewhere else at random on the wheel the next time you open it.) Don't even get me started on the emotes. I've lost hope of even using them at this point unless I take about 5 mins staring at each one trying to recall what it does. As much as I want to like this design, at least with the old one being restrictive I could know where everything was without even looking.
  2. Prime-Ares

    Theory on the lotus's real goal

    FINALLY!! Someone makes this thread! Annnd it's still not enough for a single row... ಠ╭╮ಠ
  3. Prime-Ares

    Idea for Vacuum

    I'm just going to once again, shamelessly post The Ideal "Fix" Vacuum needs: > Put a slider in Gameplay Settings For "Vacuum On Warframe" > Make this slider adjust from 0m - 11.5m (The current max range of vacuum) > You have now implemented Universal Vacuum into Warframe and both sides arguing For UV can now have it at all times, and those arguing against it can have it off or to a minimum as they please without (somehow) feeling it "compromises" gameplay > No more worrying about vacuum on all sentinels exclusively > No more complaints about pets not having a vacuum /AllVacuumThreads
  4. Prime-Ares

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Lots of good skins don't get released, lots of good skins do get released. They've mentioned giving it another look in the next Tennogen round so have some patience. Seriously grow up, it's just a skin.
  5. Prime-Ares

    DE Please allow us to pause in solo mode again

    To add on to this, I can confirm somewhat of the same result too. Pausing worked for a couple solo games, then I went into a public match (Kuva siphon still), then went back to solo and suddenly it doesn't work. Restarted client and still doesn't work. Not sure honestly what "triggers" it at this point. Hopefully, support can look into it asap.
  6. Prime-Ares

    DE Please allow us to pause in solo mode again

    They removed all the functionality of it on any tileset, any mission, and place I try ---> So yeah, I'd say It's been "removed". Unless you'd like to get "smart" of course and say the useless title itself is still there. Apologies, a tad uppity as this came as a rather "sudden" surprise in the middle of what used to be "paused" gameplay.
  7. Prime-Ares

    DE Please allow us to pause in solo mode again

    Because a video game shouldn't dictate when I have to schedule my alternative time around it to do a full-on mission without the ability to stop and come back to it later on? Would also love to know these "reasons" it would have been removed. Cause such an integral feature fo solo players is a big deal breaker for me. As I said... It doesn't work chief... (PS - Volume was muted in this)
  8. Was there any particular reason DE took out the ability to "Pause" the game while solo? This is one of the main reasons I even play solo in kuva, sorties, high-level missions, etc. especially whilst multi-tasking or studying and just need to come back later. Really hoping this is just an overlooked bug, otherwise, it takes away a vital element of WF for me.
  9. Prime-Ares

    Clearer rules for chat and restrictions?

    I get the (poor) comparison here but, exactly how much of all you've said in WF would you say to your mother's face? Pretty sure many of us throw a little "decency" out the window while on family-grounds for the sake of letting loose and enjoying the freedom a bit more we don't always get around strangers or even online. That said, OP clearly isn't the brightest bulb and this kind of thing should be VERY obvious by now from the flood of posts a couple months back both on here and reddit of chat moderators often going on power-trips and a half-assed bot designed to work the bans.
  10. Prime-Ares

    Does anyone have a TLDR

    Your personal ignorance doesn't justify that of everyone else. The EULA and ToU are (fairly) clear. No one is going to baby you through your poor English comprehension. Try using some common sense - If you're doing something you're not sure is "legitimate" in-game, you probably shouldn't be doing it.
  11. Prime-Ares

    Price Check Arca Scisco Vexi-Toxilis

    Based on averaging out the stats and prices manually on scisco I'd estimate 50 - 75p (at best?). +zoom really doesn't benefit it much. And Toxin + Electricity = Corrosive Not necessarily a bad combo, but could inhibit some player-specific builds. =================================== Ideally, you'd want something along the lines of... Status Chance (Being Arca Scisco has a base of 26%) Damage Multishot Critical Damage and/or Critical Chance (A combo of these would greatly raise the riven value by ~175 - 225p)
  12. Prime-Ares


    Take another. Come back in a few months. Updates would've come and everything will feel broken fresh. It really is a vicious cycle.
  13. Prime-Ares

    Login Day 1000 is a armor set.

    Fun as that would be and as much as I love to be OP in any game. We don't really need P. Serration. Rivens go far above and beyond for a lot of primaries already and it'd inevitably just lead up to more power-creep and harder re-adjustment whenever DE decides to go through with their "fix" for damage/scaling
  14. @birdobash Well thanks for ruining a fun little secret in Mesa's works. Good on you. Wanna also let DE know the secret to using your weapons in the liset and which frames specifically to nerf for affinity-farming tilesets?
  15. Prime-Ares

    Is the Kohm disposition getting nerfed?

    Yes. How dare him "lie" for never seeing another user wield a Kohm in-game. Your sixth sense clearly allows you to see through the eyes of others and spectate their view in WF. Lol miss a nap time kiddo? Go outside a little. Do something productive. Cool down a little. By your logic, I'm sure your parents would be very proud of you investing all the time you have into WF.