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  1. Thought it was a typo myself, though appears the numbers are true. Thank you very much for the response, didn't expect such a lengthy post to get much activity. Will report back with the findings of the mentioned ideas asap.
  2. FAIR WARNING: This will be a LONG rage / diagnostical / problematic / somewhat-formal post all in one ANY Help / Insight at all will be immensely appreciated! For well over a year I have played Warframe maybe less than 25% of the time in all the free time I've had. Things had gone well just until around Update 18 when everything began to get "interesting" with systematic issues. CURRENT SYSTEM SPECS: OS - WIN. 7 (64-Bit) CPU - Intel i5, 4570 @ 3.20 GHz RAM - 16 GB DDR3 @ 686 MHz (9-9-9-24) MOTHERBOARD - ASUSTeK Z97-K (SOCKET 1150) GPU - GeForce GTX 650 Ti (EVGA), 2047 MB STORAGE - 465 GB Crucial CT500MX5 SATA SSD PSU - 725W XPLUS POWER SUPPLY AUDIO - Realtek HD GAME SETTINGS: CURRENT LAUNCHER SETTINGS: CURRENT IN-GAME SETTINGS: BACKGROUND: Though a fairly low-end PC, I have had most parts in it for ~4-5 years (with the exception of the PSU and SSD being most recently updated), the GPU perhaps being the oldest component - though it's never given any trouble, crashes, stuttering in games properly adjusted to its frequency. Games such as the Battlefield series (BF3 to BF1), MGS-5, Watch Dogs, Arkham Series, Crysis Series (1 - 3), Call of Duty Series, Dying Light, Talos Principle, etc. have been able to run without a single crash or framerate issue so long as settings were adjusted with respect to the GPU's lower-potential. I have rarely had to go outside any games to adjust settings via. configs, registry, etc. till now. Warframe appears to be (in all of my years of online gaming) the outlier in Everything that has ever taken place and in all of my research into the issues that constantly persist from almost 2 years ago to today. No other game, software, and even viruses/trojans I've been infected with has ever caused the type of seemingly-endless and persisting trouble this game has to function in any way. Stubbornness has kept me from reaching out in the community or to anyone about this issue till now due to usually being able to always find some solution or workaround for problems like this that occurred from games. I have gone from adjusting every single in-game setting and testing the isolated-functionality of each, to editing registry files, to messing with the GPU's clock speed, voltage, memory, etc. even if it compromised the functionality of any other game/software piece in an effort to get Warframe running. At this point, I feel lost for any reasonable solution/hope of fixing this problem. It's been so long I've tirelessly worked on it and have compared, contrasted, theorized, tested and drawn possible conclusion after conclusion to finding some sort of pattern, commonality, origin or even side-effect of anything that has happened game-wise to create a system-outbreak of such magnitude that I can't solve with any tools I currently have. I will not quit Warframe or walk away from it, but I cannot say the temptation is easy to break away from after such efforts. THE PROBLEM: When this all began (late 2015 - early 2016), the system began giving off bizarre symptoms - bluescreening / black screening while in-game (or even when minimized and just running in the background), audio glitching and the game (incidentally the entire system as well) coming to a halt, stopping and refusing to shut down until the main power button / switch on the Desktop-PC Tower was manually hit (a solution I do Not enjoy applying, but a necessary one for all the problems and analysis that's been undergone in understanding Warframe's functionality) Warframe would refuse to even start sometimes without instantly shutting down or freezing over and over until some hotfixes were applied after the release of U18 Over time, the issues died down a little but a new problem emerged - WF would now minimize itself at random while in-game (or already previously minimized, in which case it'd just refuse to open when clicking on it in the taskbar or switching to its task in Task Manager) Upon applying some manual-touches (explained in the next sections), the game cleaned up a little and the problems occurred far-less frequently, but this was only temporary as many of them returned over time consistently at random intervals Upon U20 being released, the problems came back in full force (including blue-screening) and it wasn't until hotfixes emerged that WF became playable at all once again Once in a while a message would display in the lower right-hand portion of the taskbar: NOTE THIS IS A GOOGLE-IMAGE, NOT THE ACTUAL MESSAGE TEXT. Though the message I get is similar, its hard to screenshot when it appears as the system freezes or the game minimizes so fast while it disappears once seen: THE "SOLUTIONS": Take everything beyond this point with a grain of salt, much of what I have attempted to do has not been in any way a "Solution" but rather a "Band-Aid" to hold off the inevitable freezing/crashing/ stopping this game employs on itself and the system. PLEASE NOTE THESE "SOLUTIONS" WERE DONE OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME AND WERE NOT PERFORMED IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER. -------------------------------------THE TEMPERATURE THEORY------------------------------------- Initially, I began looking at my system, surely this couldn't be the fault of just a single game, right? It Must be something wrong with the PC. Stress tests and benchmarking protocols using FurMark and 3DMark were undergone with Speccy and Task Manager Performance Tabs as a side-observer to compare hardware temperatures, processing speeds. All tests were done at both minimum, moderate and the highest settings possible (RIP FPS). Tests came back with (obviously varied) results, but in no time did high-temperature readings (even the highest hardware temp. being a 90-95 Celsius GPU) caused any form of "Crash" or intensive "dropoff" in the system. This GPU is no stranger to high-stress moments, in Warframe temperatures commonly range between 70 - 80 Celsius (Given I keep the visual settings at what's seen above). Perhaps this was too much for the system and Warframe together though? if I could keep the system cooler or even let the game idle for some hours while all settles, it shouldn't crash then in absence of a high-stress environment, right? I took the side of my PC Case off, ensured no dust; debris; tangled wires and/or abnormalities were present that may "clog" up the hardware/performance and "froze" my bedroom (window open and a fan on high pointed at the hardware) to 30 - 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 to 4.4 Celsius). System temperatures of the GPU while running in WF were less than 50 Celsius. CPU, Motherboard, Storage devices, and all fans also performed optimally at lesser temperature values with usual fan RPM's. This setup was in-place for ~1 to 2 hours before even using the system. Nonetheless, shortly after moving around a little in my liset, checking inventories and minor stuff, the game glitched out, froze, the entire system stopped and I was forced to shut it down the hard way once more to restart - thus, ruling any issues via. temperatures of core components out. -------------------------------------THE DRIVER THEORY------------------------------------- Warframe is a "special" game in the sense it has had issues with some specific drivers in the past (most notably being Nvidia's "Beta" drivers being incompatible in both older and newer GPU's). Though this hasn't always been the case as some GPU's are just inherently bad from the start or don't adhere well with Warframe's setup, it's worthwhile noting and possibly testing if the removal and reinstallation of various drivers (keeping all in-game settings at what they are) may be of some resolution however. The results gathered here varied considerably. My current GPU uses the GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 417.35. This driver was installed fairly recently even after reinstalling Windows + Warframe on a new SSD. Upon loading Warframe up on this newer installed driver, voila! It worked flawlessly! No FPS drops, no lag, no crashing, no freezes, no glitching of any sort! ....yeah no, the "solution" was short-lived, in less than a week the game was back to its older ways. Except for this time, it had a different reaction to the system itself with this driver installed. In the 3 times I recorded the game crashing within the 1-week span of the driver being installed, it would either black-screen the entire system (temporarily) or minimize, crash the driver (with the small notification referenced above quickly popping up) and be unable to open while the game noises were still occurring in the background (leading me to believe the game was...ironically...working just "fine", even though I just couldn't un-minimize it to see the picture)? Frustrated, I was forced to use task manager to shut the process down (right clicking and exiting the client would not work), rather than restart the system all over again. I went on Nvidia's driver websites, two of such sites exist offering vastly different drivers released in different time periods, some compatible, some not, even though all listed would be for the same GPU: Over the course of ~2 months I found time to remove drivers using the Display Driver Uninstaller: ...while reinstalling every driver Nvidia ever put out for the GTX 650 Ti and testing them over the course of some days. It appeared SOME older drivers (388.71 and below) performed better than newer ones and allowed Warframe to play for longer periods of times before crashing in both low and high-stress environments in Warframe. Some drivers would allow it to run for days without any issue and some would allow it to run for only a few minutes. This (partially) confirmed my theory the GPU Driver itself may be at fault here, but further testing was required... -------------------------------------THE HOTFIX COLDFIX AND SETTINGS THEORY------------------------------------- DE has a history of releasing "broken" updates and having to quickly churn out patches galore to remedy the issues both in-game and server-wise for players experiencing issues of any sort. Seeing as most of this occurred after U18 however - applying some of the "fixes" people had posted from the older forums and Reddit threads, opting out for trying to "revert" some of the settings most folks said helped their issues were worth trying, this included... --> Disabling FullScreen, Toggling between it and Windowed Fullscreen and noting any changes in performance --> Verifying Files --> Optimizing Files & Download Cache --> Disabling DX-11 From the Launcher Settings --> Disabling 64-Bit Mode From the Launcher Settings --> Disabling Particle Systems, Depth of Field, Bloom, switching Vsync options, capping FPS, uncapping FPS, fixating FPS, disabling Reverb, and much more --> If all else failed, tinkering around with settings in both the launch screen and in-game and praying for the best results All means of adjusting settings, even trying to isolate every single option out over a long period of time over multiple updates proved ineffective. Warframe would still crash while in the liset, while minimized, while standing idle and/or while playing the game itself with no particular pattern. Shutdown / Crash times ranged from minutes of logging in to days of playtime, ultimately - enabling all of these settings, disabling all of them, enabling all of them to their highest degree (RIP FPS) and/or balancing them out respectfully for ideal operation also proved unsuccessful, leading me to believe U18 may have been the single breaking point responsible for all of this, but no other users reportedly had the same problems I've been having (over such a long, consistent period at least), singling out my system alone as the outlier and that something involving the hardware's nature must be at fault. ...Though this does not explain why this hardware can run well in such more high-demanding games adjusting accordingly and contradicts its performance up till now and how long it's lasted under various stresses and system tasks. FINAL THOUGHTS / ATTEMPTS AT FIX: These are simply some other means of "fixing" the game I have tried. All have yielded no positive results. These adjustments won't be seen in the screenshots posted above, but have been attempted multiple times on various occasions in the past. 1) GeForce Gameplay Experience has been uninstalled and Shadowplay has been turned off 2) Anti-Virus programs (BitDefender) have been uninstalled and/or disabled entirely 3) Firewall is allowing full access to Warframe and all connections 4) In-Game Ping has been adjusted 5) Chrome, Steam, Skype, etc. / All possible outside tasks have been stopped and Warframe has been set to "High" and "Realtime" priority in Task manager 6) Warframe has been attempted to had been played on through both the Website and STEAM Downloads 7) All forms of Warframe (files, folders, etc.) have been uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times 8 ) A different account has been attempted to be played with on Warframe to discover if the issue may have been account-related (at this point I'm losing any idea of rational solutions, so everything goes) 9) Using the NVIDIA Inspector, the GPU base clock offset, performance level, memory clock offset, power and temperature target, fan and Voltage Offset have all been adjusted on various levels dozens of times through repeated tests to discover if any positive outcome may occur gameplay wise. 10) A registry key (Regarding GPU TDR) had been initiated and tweaked to prolong the Crash of (multiple tested) GPU Drivers if any issue was to arise in-game. This did not appear to create any change to the current crashes. 11) All windows, GPU, CPU, Motherboard, software, etc. updates have been installed, reinstalled and some windows updates even uninstalled, tests have been undergone on multiple occasions with this and still no positive results. 12) Windows has been scanned using Malwarebytes, BitDefender, Vipre, Windows Essentials, and other quality programs for viruses, adware, malware, etc. None have been found, nor have any abnormalities been detected. None of the programs conflicted with Warframe either while running simultaneously. 13) Hardware connectors (to the SSD, GPU, etc.) have been physically tested for optimum power supply and all appear to be working up to par 14) Attempting to run Warframe AND Windows on an HDD instead of an SSD has yielded the same results 15) No memory-intensive programs have been running while WF is running 16) BIOS has been updated entirely upon reinstallation of Windows and all settings are recent 17) NVIDIA Beta Drivers (or at least all those compatible) have been tested in the past 18) Nvidia Control Panel settings have been messed with, including Surround Configuration, PhysX (attempting to try and solve the issue on both AutoSelect, GPU or CPU settings, as well as configuring multiple options in the "Manage 3D Settings" Tab as suggested by both DE and other players in the past
  3. Great thread! Please keep this alive, very helpful for newcomers and those returning!
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    Just for the record

    your actions have consequences...
  5. Where do you people even come from... DE THEMSELVES RESPONDED to your post. Yet, you're so full of your own make-believe-world that everyone is conspiring against you and then resort to attacking everyone for attacking you for you not having ANY insurance to back up your claim. Essentially... > Stop beating around the bush, stop spewing bullsh*t and trying to even prove your point without evidence, your entire post and claim is invalid without it. Don't like it? Too bad, get over it, quit whining like a child and trying to cut corners just to get some support for your (seemingly) overly-paranoid ego. > This "wonky stuff" your experiencing is the work of Bad RNG. You don't (appear to) seem to know how Bad RNG works: 1 Entire Thread + A Dozen Post Replies Later...
  6. There's more toxicity than a Toxic Ancient's Aura in your post along with overwhelming arrogance. If you're just going to sit on the ground whining like a small child without offering any constructive criticism and simply pouting how everything isn't the way you feel so entitled for it to be for yourself alone - you don't deserve to be listened to.
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    Holster rate should be buffed for everyone

    Just because OP doesn't have good-mannerisms or keeping a civil attitude doesn't invalidate their point. This is something long overlooked.
  8. Prime-Ares

    Holster rate should be buffed for everyone

    Agreed, this could use some major rethinking. I often run with Tigris myself and some sidearm meant to destroy larger mobs / nully bubbles / etc. in quick-succession. That's hardly possible when my grandma can take a piss faster than my frame overcomes its Alzheimers at a whim, forgets I've ordered it to switch to a secondary, and then actually changing weapons. FPS Games even have faster side-arm unholster rates than we get in Warframe, I don't understand why this was ever so slow to begin with.
  9. Prime-Ares

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    I had a similar issue to this with the 660Ti series, it's a "TDR" issue, and (surprisingly, as much as I refused to believe it at first) was not the fault of Warframe, rather the driver-version you are using. It may be worthwhile to try and downgrade your GFX driver, for some of the older GPU's; Nvidia screwed the settings up on their most-recent driver updates - thus causing WF to crash randomly with no particular pattern. For me, I had to downgrade to driver 388.71 and all games (Battlefield, Warthunder, Outlast 2, even Warframe now) work for me much better.
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    Why no dedicated servers?

    I find that hard to believe based on marks made from JUST 2015 - 2016 Alone: Revenue for 2016 fiscal year was up 122.7% to $147 million CAD. Gross Profit up 174% to $95.8 million CAD. Registered Losers Users up 40.8% to 28.2 million from 2015. Avg monthly active user up 30.3% to 2.17 million. Concurrent user up 27.9% to 61,869. Sources: Errors have been made
  11. Just curious, did you ever give the Paris Prime or any other bows a go? Paris is one of my oldies too (along with Cernos) I started out WF and relied on even in the days of void T4's with so it has quite the history! I primarily use Dread now just for the slash, but still enjoy going back to the roots now and then
  12. For me it was the Great Greedy Mag Season:
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    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Perhaps you are hard of hearing, so allow me to subtitle this for you and everyone else griping so much since simply listening is apparently difficult nowadays... From 10 Seconds on... "So as you guys know we don't like to give release dates, but we will give you a release window. We're hoping for starting November 1st (that's sort of our target that first week of November...November one to November to y'know...first week dates)." ~[DE]Rebecca
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    The Redtext Codex (Redtext Archive)

    Thanks again for the constant upkeep to this! Might I also suggest you post this on Reddit (after the Fortuna update perhaps to help get the word out more)? as folks there would love to archive it and put it up to the front page for all your efforts! There was a few posts not too long ago of people requesting it and this is as close to all the red texts so far. P.S: Still searching for any U8 - 9 Red Text's but these have proven to be the hardest