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  1. Prime-Ares


    Take another. Come back in a few months. Updates would've come and everything will feel broken fresh. It really is a vicious cycle.
  2. Prime-Ares

    Login Day 1000 is a armor set.

    Fun as that would be and as much as I love to be OP in any game. We don't really need P. Serration. Rivens go far above and beyond for a lot of primaries already and it'd inevitably just lead up to more power-creep and harder re-adjustment whenever DE decides to go through with their "fix" for damage/scaling
  3. Prime-Ares


    I have, and your own ignorance of that hurts to read honestly. I'm not sure what this "damage" is you're talking about? With how much content is in WF and how little of it I have in a whole (After almost 5 yrs of playing) The double weekends are a big incentive to buy boosters because of the quad effect. It's moreso silly than anything DE wouldn't have them on a semi-regular basis spread out just enough to keep reeling people back in. It makes people buy more forma, more boosters, hell maybe even buy more frames / gear outright with plat or rush it from the foundry so they dont have to wait to level it. In the end, DE makes a HUGE buck out of this and I seriously doubt someone is going to level everything from bottom up even in that short time frame if they used every second of it. You're overexaggerating a trivial "problem" grossly. If that's the case, we just shouldn't have any more "2x" events right? Resources / creds 2x would mean no one has to ever farm them again right?? =================================================== Oh and if someone wanted to, they could start WF from scratch, take 2-3 months of a grind insanely and probably reach MR23 - MR25 with everything WF has to offer. I suppose we could have a " - 2x" affinity event to counter that right? This kind of thing will happen with / without the booster events of any kind. So Draco with very specific frames and setups was a perfectly reasonable means to level equipment and there was clearly no issue whatsoever with it having a place for >50% of all the leveling that (likely) took place in WF at the time? Smells like cheese to me. Cool. I too can take an unmodded excal, a decent braton, lato and skana and probably still beat everything in the solar system over a little time. The point is without a booster or without any "bonus" at all, you're just rerunning the same Cheese-It levels over and over. Ever try to level a primary on high-level spies without a booster? That's a good 6 - 7 runs right there (of perfect hacking every time too, if you mess up, expect at least 2 more runs). Ever try to level a primary or a frame (like Nekros) on a high level of survival without a booster? You're looking at spending twice as much time. ...which is why Hydron, Bere and such places exist. If Draco were still here people would flock to it instantly. It's a band-aid for this half-assed designed system that grants generous amounts of affinity (that coincidentally) few tilesets can seem to compete with when even they have far higher level opponents.
  4. Prime-Ares


    Because re-leveling the same thing (even with a booster) 4 - 5+ times just to become usable and having to grind insanely (Unless you want to "cheat" and go to Draco 2.0 tilesets) isn't the most optimal method for "mastering" an item. Personally, I start to lose interest in things like Chroma that require huge Forma sinks to even become optimally viable with no affinity-bonus aside from... Vanilla leveling > Start from 0 > Level to 30 > Rinse & Repeat 5 - 6 more times. (Do that without any Booster and Cheese-It levels, then tell me if you sense that "pride and accomplishment" afterward). It's the fact that these "Cheese" tilesets even exist that shows there's an issue with the current affinity/leveling system - thus why so many people enjoy the extra affinity.
  5. Prime-Ares


    You guys truly have no idea what OP is really asking for. Buying a booster isn't the problem (I've done that myself the past year or whenever since we got the last 2x affinity event). They're asking for 4x affinity (2x Affinity event + Booster). Power surging the living hell out of stuff for a short time. This really shouldn't even be a debate, there's no reason not to have an event like this come around once every month or two at least. It wouldn't hurt progress, one weekend of it isn't enough for me to even max out all I'd need too, but it'd sure help a lot. Especially for some of us who really can't afford 40 plat (No it's not always so easy for everyone to get that much plat.) I can't understand why DE appears so vehemently against this, no mention of it, no post of it, not even a double resource or credit weekend ffs.
  6. Prime-Ares

    Is the Kohm disposition getting nerfed?

    Yes. How dare him "lie" for never seeing another user wield a Kohm in-game. Your sixth sense clearly allows you to see through the eyes of others and spectate their view in WF. Lol miss a nap time kiddo? Go outside a little. Do something productive. Cool down a little. By your logic, I'm sure your parents would be very proud of you investing all the time you have into WF.
  7. Prime-Ares

    World Survival Record broken

  8. Do you know what playing the game means? I literally click an icon on my desktop > take 30 secs to login > get free gallium rewards and go on my way What exactly makes this so different from a simple little app?
  9. Prime-Ares

    Loki buff at some point plz?!?

    In all honesty, I really don't care. You said he needs a "buff" - I said he doesn't (Except his 1 maybe) You asked how I got to the 32-second mark - there it is. You asked how the range is - It's pretty sh***y. I'm not making a full-on custom build just to suit your gameplay. There are ways to adapt both range and a very good amount of invisibility. Play around with the mod builds on WarFrame builder if you're so interested in finding new builds for Loki.
  10. Prime-Ares

    Loki buff at some point plz?!?

    You can tweak this for more range if you really need it. My disarm/range build is completely different though. Personally I like a speedy silent Loki
  11. Prime-Ares

    Their dying screams haunt my dreams

    Tbh I wish the screams were kept as they were originally. Also Relevant: I absolutely LOVE the acting that goes into this stuff
  12. Prime-Ares

    Loki buff at some point plz?!?

    No. 32 Seconds is MORE than enough invis / near god-mode time. Not to mention you get an insane melee dmg buff while invisible. If you can't find a little wall to hide behind for less than a second to press the "2" key again, then it's your issue, not the frame's. PS - The only thing I would like "buffed" on Loki is to make his 1 relevant. It's a light reflection and supposed to "distract" the enemy, but for some reason, it both doesn't even scale and is pretty much bullets...while everyone and everything can walk right through it (Logic / 10).
  13. Prime-Ares

    Umbra Ex and Founder Ex Prime custom

    As a non-founder who used to envy not having Excal-Prime till I hit the age of reason, I don't see what the hell the issue with this is or why both sides are stretching this out ridiculously. Both you founders and non-founders look absolutely petty arguing like this over a stupid cosmetic item. It's FashionFrame (mostly) - if people want to use helmets (so long as they already own them) on other frames then so be it. Personally, I like the idea, I don't give two sh**s if it means an extra item for founders, non-founders also get to play with prime helmets on future umbra frames, where's the loss? At the same time, if it's not something DE wants to do, then so be it, still, no loss. If people on both sides here seriously get this pissed over something so trivial, maybe Warframe just isn't the game for you.