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  1. I'm at a loss for words at this point. Time to set up the 2-Week Ban Vacation Tent.
  2. Prime-Ares

    How come saying gay in chat gets you suspended?

    Because DE's AI Bot is half-assed and never has been working to expectation for having a real "context" filter, instead they rather have it so most instances of the word (or used in specific sentences) = instant suspension. Cause if it doesn't happen to you - it must not happen to anyone at all. Flawless.
  3. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    Where did I say calling Nezha a "trap" should be allowed?...that in itself is a trap (no pun intended). And of course, you could if the moderators / DE themselves are so kind to go through all the trouble and provide such evidence. I personally don't have any screenshots from those months back. So like anyone else, take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    Which you seem to be severely lacking. Missing many of the points, skipping details, jumping to conclusions and dangerously over-generalizing the problem at hand. Your arguments have been circular (petitio principii) more precisely than much else I've seen thus far. This isn't how "logic" works. This is how innocent people in the chat get suspended. This is how this entire conversation began - and will begin again in the future. In your perfect little world these problems may not exist, in mine and (literally) thousands of others, they do, and have persisted far too long, to the point where DE even wanted to censor our own titles for our gear. They shouldn't have Had to "remedy" this in the first place. I've stated this position far, loud and clear as much as I can. If you can't see the clarity of context and the suggestions I've made to try and remedy the issues (rather than just leaving it in DE's hands - which has proven ineffective to too large of degree), then we are at an impasse.
  5. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    I wonder too... I'm sure the community that's spoken out even more than I have hastily against these issues would love to see these "Well documented" sources then. This also doesn't address why I've seen people blatantly kicked/suspended (even for a short and long time) for it then. the bot doesn't know the context. That would require an AI far sophisticated above even what DE is likely willing to put in time and effort for, if it could do that, then we wouldn't need so many moderators Once more - cursing in another language, or cursing when "certain mods" are present and don't like the tone of it, even if not directed towards anyone. I can advocate myself here in being banned some time ago (albeit only for a couple of days), for dropping an F-bomb because of some items Baro brought one day. (Do keep in mind, this is in region chat, not any regular WF squad or clan chat) You're right. It's why they can, and will, and have suspended users for even the slightest of offenses (not all the time of course, but more than I'd like to recall and tally up). It doesn't take much skill to right click and suspend a user for an entire week and disable social life in WF entirely. But somehow cutting a user off from all talk is an acceptable punishment to you...and even more interestingly, somehow ties into getting a speeding ticket (Once again, you can still find transportation even if your license is dead - in WF? Once your chat license is dead, you are alone and abandoned for however long the mod/bot desires). ================================ DE's good with the games, but Very Poor with social enforcement. You've looked past many problems brought up so far, would claim all moderators, all bots and DE themselves are "in the right" based on your own personal experiences, and even go so far as to assume anyone in the wrong must be a "4channer", basing general assumptions on all situations and giving no real counterpoints aside from the idea "They're in charge - they must know what's best so they deserve praise. Anyone else to say otherwise just don't understand how well they're doing their job." Sorry, but your logic is just too petty - even for me. No vulgar profanity or cursing in DE's good Christian servers. Clearly Unacceptable. Maybe it's what you want, the rest of us? Not so much.
  6. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    Incomparable. DE's Half-Ass Bot - Will ban under any circumstance no matter how extreme, no matter the context, no matter the manner nor discussion tone. You can and will be chat suspended for 1 - 2+ weeks indefinitely and are restricted from chats globally in every region in WF and cannot talk to friends, squadmates, you are restricted from trading, from recruiting, from asking for invites, from attempting to get invited or take any part socially in Warframe (and being social in WF is critical for success in it if you want to cover all grounds in different chats). A Speeding Ticket - Assuming all debt is paid off immediately. This only affects your driving record and will not suspend your license, car insurance rates may rise slightly, but you are not suspended indefinitely in all forms of driving and cut off from all means of transportation. The ticket will remain on your record but will still allow you to drive. (Need I go on about how it's even more likely you can contest a ticket to overturn it in court vs. the ZenDesk system for WF social issues?) While this is unfortunately true, they can also ban each and everyone's account at any time they please simply if they don't like someone (though just because they Can doesn't simply mean they Should. Social-wise the point you've stated is highly contradictory and conflictive with their M Rating and them being the only company to have ever operated online speak in this fashion with such hostility. This method can only backfire on DE more and more over time. Of course. Though you presume too much. we weren't on the same chat at the same time now were we? This isn't comparable as it was another time (some months ago) this occurred on around 3 separate occasions. Because of how "kindly" mods regulate the chat. Users texts were deleted and they were thrown out. I'm not so keen on trying it myself anytime soon, nor even opening Region Chat for any case unless Google happens to be down. - Warframe, the only R rated game where cursing in another language gets you banned from chat - Users kicked if mods (or god forbid the bot again) think a word is used in "harsh" context - eg. trap, gay (AGGP ring any bells?), homo (using it in a short form for homo sapiens), F-bombs, hurting a robots' feelings, the list goes on... - The Pepe Meme (along with many others aside from everyone's over-saturated favorite; the doge) - Simple, civil disputes between users (Such as how 1 user disputed another advertising their Twitch gameplay channel in region, can you guess which user was suspended for 3+ days? No profanity, vulgarity nor harsh tone or "overly-witty" sarcasm was used.) So yes, it can be hard to avoid getting banned. Especially for newer users ill-experienced to these strict regulations that differ completely from any other online game I've seen. And I highly doubt "Tens of thousands" of players talk in region so often every single day. ...has it never occurred why so many people naturally have region chat switched off? ========================================================== To sum up - I can understand there are younger Tenno out there, but this has to be the "softest" M rated game I've played. Obviously, I've enjoyed it but to go to these lengths just to take all life out of how people often express themselves every day, non-offensively, non-violently and with no intention of hate? That is laughable and pathetic for any social setting. Please remember - this is a game where people are slaughtered, blood, gore, guts are shown, children die, blood-curdling stories and elements of events you'd see in something of an F.E.A.R. game even in some moments. And turning off the gore setting will Not cancel out animations of breaking necks, cutting throats, violently mauling someone or gruesomely torturing enemies for fun in traps while listening to them scream in agony or pain. God forbid a user so puritanical they look into the backstory of this game, connect the dots and see just how dark it really becomes.
  7. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    Was not aware DE was looking into the loadout names issue. A nice start. However, the other problems still stand: It does. OP specifies that... I don't know about "Pelvis/crotch" but I have seen plenty of chat mods go off on anyone mentioning the word "Trap" in any context (if the bot itself hasn't done it's "Job" (very loosely) already). Though this mainly occurs in region chat, it's quite asinine to even see the word itself in any form of discussion be denied and invoke fear into people to use it. This just makes people want to find ways to get around it and find more "clever" approaches, and then more and more of us wonder why anyone would ever go through so much effort. It is. However, Warframe is 18+ why it has censoring of any form when its gameplay and style goes beyond anything we could say to one another in any insult is beyond hilarious. Which is one (if not the biggest) issue here hinted at by OP. Bots in this situation are utter garbage. I'd rather have an SJW Mod regulating the chat than a bot that will suspend you from every single chat in Warframe for 1 - 2+ weeks for dropping an F Bomb. You're missing the point... Pretty sure if I, you or anyone else went on with this sort of puns/jokes in region chat (or parts of these forums even) - we would be banned faster than a max speed Volt could finish a level 1 capture mission
  8. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    That response was as predictable as it was banal. This isn't my case, so I'm not the one that was banned (up to speed yet?), though seeing how this faulty, half-ass detection system works though is enough to draw some disturbing conclusions. Point 1) We seriously are reaching levels of Club Penguin censorship in this game and frankly its bull. It's not just the "chat filter" either, this little system of DE's extends so far as to our own loadouts that are exclusive only for us Tenno to see...yet certain words are banned there too? No, please, tell me - why does a game where you literally turn hundreds of thousands of enemies into minced meat with blood and giblets everywhere need a f***ing profanity filter? Have you seen how vile, traumatic and dark this game can become? =================================================== Point 2) folks often come onto forums after saying "F u" or pissing off the CodexBot and get banned for 1 - 2 weeks Globally (Main chat, trade chat, recruit, clan, friend PM's....really? this punishment is "working as intended"?) I'm under the impression the bots become offended more easily than actual humans in-game do. There's a chat filter. Why ban people for saying filtered words that you can choose not to see? In a game rated "M for Mature" no less =================================================== Point 3) There was an old clan I used to see around called "Child Skull R***ng* Kiddie Fiddlers Delux" ...So, the system will allow things like that where other players can see it (it's still on the leaderboards for the old events) yet things like "trap" or "cursing at the bot" don't go? (Don't fall back and say "No one uses 'trap' any other way than in vulgar context - there are literal "Arc Traps" in the game I've commonly seen brought up and people are banned/suspended for even using the word). I can understand that DE want to keep WF's image somewhat clean but when the filter's so broken it invalidates any argument for censoring things =================================================== Final Point / Suggestion) Let people say whatever they want. Turn profanity filter on by default. Not ban people for using bad words. Bad words appear as “*” in chat for those that have the fiter on (Wow that was hard wasn't it?) This auto-detection filter system is complete rubbish and the laziest I've ever seen in any online game in over 10+ years.
  9. Prime-Ares

    Getting chat suspended

    Just going to leave this here, think it's pretty relevant and something both tenno AND DE should get into their heads: (3 min. vid)
  10. IGN: Prime-Ares Rank: 18 (I'm Legal (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) ) Region: USA - North America Type of Player: Caspetitive (A mix between the two really, depending on the event(s))
  11. Prime-Ares

    What is this worth?

    Serious, based off of Definitely, max it. No one likes an unranked (or non-full ranked) riven. Especially for that sell potential. Sell it in trade chat, or...
  12. Prime-Ares

    What is this worth?

    Between 500 - 700
  13. Prime-Ares

    [Suggestion] Faster weapon swapping.

    First off, sit down and quit trying to act so tough over internet forums. Frankly, it just makes your posts all the more laughable and harder to take seriously. The only thing "Stupid" here is your bashing of a completely harmless idea and another tenno. Take all your Rivens off your weapons and place the respectful mods on there in place of that riven. Go on. What's wrong? Running out of space? Some weapons nearly trash by now? Not as good of stats? You're clearly not "Good" enough to play Warframe then. This has nothing to do with "Skill", this has nothing to do with " gitting gud ", it has all to do with both quality of life and risk vs. time efficiency . So please, educate yourself a bit more before talking out your ass. DE has mentioned it themselves in streams, in live plays, etc. that weapon holstering and speed switching is certainly something worthwhile looking into. I could kill everything in the map with my Slide 2 Win Kronen, but often times in the heat of the moment (about 10 level 100+ Eximus bombards about to ground pound your ass back to the stone age if you get too close), the animation to put the melee / secondary / primary away and switchgear can mean valuable seconds you need to survive on the run before you're knocked down and can't escape the Arctic Eximus' Global Warming bubbles. TL;DR - Speed holster should be innate by now, we're mobile genocide machines that somehow reload faster than we can swap our own weapons lol, and it wouldn't impact gameplay in any way except for the better, making it more worthwhile to "want" to use secondaries or melees instead of spamming that ignis / opticor all day long in fear that taking almost 4 - 5 seconds to swap out your weapon will put you at a disadvantage.
  14. Prime-Ares

    We need a modification to the Stealth system

    Because I constantly fight with the half-assed stealth system myself all the time (I'm an Ivara that loves to Solo Sleep Focus Farm), was going to give some insights / "bugs" I've noticed to you especially to help out but after seeing this you don't come off as any better but a whiny little kid. But, seeing as you've destroyed your own reputation in this discussion, I'll move along and just keep watching for tips anyone with more "temperance" can give out