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  1. So, this has actually been an issue since the Conservation and fishing quick-select menus were introduced and since there's been no adjustments to it, I assume this is pretty niche but I've been trying to expand my floof collection lately and it's getting to be a real problem. I play with a controller and have my frame abilities mapped to the D-pad and the ability-menu toggled off. When hunting or fishing, the "hold rb for actions" prompt for the quick menu does nothing, nor does holding the corresponding ability- I just have no way to access the quick menu with my controller. Now, I can work around this by either switching to mouse and keyboard or toggling the ability-menu on for that specific instance and fiddling with my controls a bit, but that can be tedious and just generally counter to how I've come accustomed to playing after all this time. SO, ideally, it'd be nice if when hunting or fishing, either my controls were overridden and RB brought up the quick-menu, since a ton of your actions are restricted anyways or hitting the button my 1, 2 or 3 ability is mapped to accessed the quick-menu.
  2. Are there any plans to rethink/adjust/streamline Operator progression? With operator gameplay being introduced at a fairly low rank and becoming more and more prevelent in story missions, boss fights and "special" encounters, do you think the current requirements to develop your operator are at odds with this? Barring dedicated ESO grinding or really particular frame builds, 1.3 millon focus to upgrade your anime kid's Health alone is a pretty big ask, especially for a low-mid rank player and especially for a low-mid rank player having trouble with the Chains of Harrow or Sacrifice quests. Getting the Requisite Brilliant Eidolon shard is it's own problem with newbies either feeling intimidated or not wanting to be dead weight in an Eidolon hunt, which they could better contribute to if ... they had the things they needed from the fight in the first place. Also they're pretty unapproachable for a solo player. SO, questions: -Are any Focus gain and/or upgrade requirement changes being considered? -any possibility of more items being burnable for focus(regular Eidolon shards, eidolon breath, gyromag systems, etc) -Any changes to how waybounds function or are unlocked? Maybe it unbinds from the start but each level needs an eidolon shard or etc. -Could there be alternate sources for Regular and Brilliant Eidolon shards? I dunno maybe a fish swallowed one. Tangentially related Focus questions: -Any changes to the nodes planned or considered? -Any plans to expand on them? New nodes? Alternate Trees in each school? -any changes to operator energy cost going up as you level some abilities with no way to adjust? -Any thoughts on maybe expanding waybouds to more nodes for a little more mixing and matching? Like the void strike abilities
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