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  1. Like is there something beyond it? If you have 201% crit chance is there a 1% chance that there is going to be something beyond red crits? With this question comes a problem: Is it even possible to get 200% crit chance?
  2. That would make him kinda bad tho. Like that's exactly why Garuda isn't meta cus shes too risky. To do that they would need to give him like 60 more base health tbh, which isnt an issue its just something i thought i'd bring up. (IMO hes pretty fun to play tho...)
  3. Heres an ideia (again idk if its a good one) It adds a secondary fire, and for the weapons that already have secondary forms of fire you can cycle through them, and its stats are based on the stance and the main weapon. (This would probably be broken tho)
  4. I mean im not saying it'd be a good ideia. Nor am i saying it would be a bad one. I just have absolutely no ideia why. Can someone enlighten me? Like for if you put a stance on the Hema for example that made it charge instead of burst, and also giving it an extra benefit and downside, while also expanding the mod capacity. Would that be bad or hard to code? Im mr 8 so i dont really understand the balancing of the endgame content but i was still curious. A very generic example would be like: Polarity: Madurai. Fits in: Burst rifles. Name: Thunder Bullets Effects: The weapon now charges to attack, increases damage by 10% and deals 30% shock damage. -15% reload speed. Do you think the negative effect is necessary or am i just exagerating? Or is this just a bad ideia in the first place?
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