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  1. Dosen't matter, static it or not. With cheap procs we have only ONE real strategy to counter: nuke 'em all before they start shooting.
  2. It works with shieds, though. DE can "split" attacks, so weak attacks from high-ROF weapons deal lesser "damage" to bar, then powerful units can fill it in 1-3 attack.
  3. Crits deal much more damage to weak spots. So yes, they are fine.
  4. Action games, FPS and TPS usually have something healing items/mechanics. It's not like enemies in this games can randomly penetrate your shields or never drop first aids. "WTF, Cortana, why my health was been hit? My personal shield isn't depleted!" "Oh, Master Chief, it was Random Bleed Proc, deal with it!"
  5. No, procs are unavoidable. You can't do anything to avoid proc, because you can't evade all hits. Damage to health is avoidable. You can take a break and restore your shields, so your health will be untouched.
  6. Evade lower the damage from enemies, that's right. It's not help against random procs. I don't care about your deaths, self-proclaimed Neo. Gameplay have a problems. Game mechanic with self-restored shields give you chance to restore damage, if you do it right. Shield restores, HP - not. And don't start complaining about "bring aids" or "take Rejuvenation", it's "additions". And you can't counter procs, sorry.
  7. You use it as main reason every time. "You get hit, so it's your fault in random proc". No, it's not my fault, it's stupid and lame game mechanic. We have shields, they should take damage first.
  8. 1. I have few times, when they create Bleed procs repedeatly, one after another. 2. No, seriously, go and read Wiki. Stop dreaming. In action game you should get some hits, it's not stealth action. You get some hits, kill enemies, take medkit of wait then your HP pool restores, and go further. This is how most action works, especially "fast-paced action about space ninja" (Warframe). "Never get hit" dosent work, what's why everyone use powers like Invis or Iron skin, or CC everything, or nuke everything.
  9. 1) Any Lancer, Commander, Eviscerator and Seer. Troopers and Gunners can do it too, but not so regullary. Cannon fodder cannot kill you in one proc, but they can repeat it again and again. 2) No, i didn't. This is action game. In the games like Quake, Doom, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Call of Duty, player can get hit.
  10. 80% of Grineer forces can inflict Bleed proc. 60% of them, with Grakata and Hind, do it regulary. So, the right answer is: 1) Go in Iron Skin 24/7. 2) CC them to the death. 3) Nuke them all.
  11. Are you kidding? "Just don't take hits" is not the answer. This isn't the bloody stealth action. It's action. You going in the fight, you take some hits, you kill enemies. Our shields must take hits, they are developed for that. And you can take random proc from ANY hit - it's uncontrollable and silly.
  12. All damage must damage shield first or be avoidable by skill.
  13. Go on lvl 40+ and take 1 Bleed proc from the Seeker. This things is very dangerous for any paper frame and shield tank frame. "Just build HP tank" is not the answer, bcs this game have shield tanks like Mag or Volt for a reason, and in the end shield tank > HP tank, even with armor,
  14. False. First, we have many narrow coridors, where you cannot dodge at all. Second, enemies can shoot from different directions, and in the end hit you. Third, Grineers have a lot of CC, and if you stopped by one of them, you well get hit. Fourth, sometimes you just NEED to stop and take some hits. In the end, "just run in circles" isn't working in real game, especially then enemies coming from behind.
  15. Try to evade hit-scan Grineers, then EVERYONE can give you bleed proc.
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