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  1. Does anybody know if there is an update on this? I
  2. Hi - i have the same problem and reported it on another post as well. Does anybody knows if this is being addressed? thank you
  3. apologies for the stupid question but how did you setup a mouse on xbox?
  4. Hi. Since the latest update I’m unable to unbind passive waybound focus nodes. I meet all requirements but when clinking nothing happens. I see this has been reported on other platforms as well. Is a fix underway? thank you.
  5. I also have the same problem. I have seen this reported on other platforms as well. Does anybody know if there’s fix planned soon? Thanks
  6. Hi - does anybody know what happens with nightwave credits? will they carry over to the new nightwave? thank you
  7. Hi - Are there any news on when is the next unvaulting? thank you
  8. it's not just me then - I have the same problem on xbox - I meet all the requirements to unbound but nothing happens.
  9. Hello everyone. Since yesterday I'm unable to view the rewards page on nightwave. when clicking R3 i get an empty page. Any advice?
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