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  1. is there anyway to change the crosshhair? or even change its colors
  2. Imagine the new war without update like you in relic mission and hear the lotus talk about the new war! it give a war feelings right come on DE you can do it just send few files everyday till it done 🤫🤨
  3. No it won't work with anything you can't subsume razorwing from her but you can subsume spellbind only for any frame to make it work with
  4. i think the "Duviri Paradox" will be after the "new war" ofc not sooner but might be in the end of 2022 or first of 2023 yeah i agree it pain to wait for all of this but hope they make it fast so we can have fun not just playing around for nothing
  5. that's a resolution problem or ui scaling problem check them might fix it
  6. 🤨tbh i don't think so but what i meant is why it takes so long to release a thing talked about since 2019 not even 2020 yet not out yet might be end of this year? sure it is but again why the wait? and i think its almost done ofc few buged left to fix but not enough reason to not release it "working on it" ofc but the end of 2021? is 2022 to us xD
  7. ok the last thing i can say is if its a laptop make sure you run it on the dedicated graphics card wtv its nvidia or amd on ''power maximum performance''
  8. first time to hear something like this but maybe this work try active any other quest "don't play it ofc" then active the war within again this might fix
  9. because it only works with nikana and nikana prime also same for dragon nikana but for dragon once only not zaw once badly
  10. my pc kinda lower here with dell 5558 with 920M. drop all on low and 720p badly ofc and off anything you'll reach 60fps in most times then up bit of them later till you can balance it with 60fps and good looks too
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