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  1. Fix medibonds. They cost more than fam and advanced bonds while being more rare despite being worse than them.
  2. Fix medi bonds for the love of glob!!!
  3. Daily reminder to buff rebbenant and fix adaptation.
  4. Buff Rebbenant and fix Adaptation only being able to adapt to one element per attack.
  5. Let's see uhh: Buff Rebbenant. Fix Adaptation only being able to adapt to one damage type per attack. Fix judicial coils being invisible. Buff Rebbenant.
  6. Fix Adaptation not being able to gibe you more than one resistance per attack. @[DE]Megan
  7. Don't leave your son Rebenant for dead Rebecca! 😂 Tell someone to fix him!
  8. Get better coding so Rebenant can damage nullifiers but not arby drones.
  9. How could you let them nerf your son Rebenant Rebecca. I thought you said on prime time that Dance Macabre damaging bubbles was intended and added on purpose.
  10. Daily reminder to not abandon you son Rebenant Rebecca.
  11. Why isn't adaptation Rebenant's passive? 😂
  12. Fix Nullfiers and Kuva Guardians bypassing Mesmer skin.
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