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  1. So far, Wisp seems to be subverting all expectations. Her synergies are synergistic, her powers are powerful...BUT there's a design that I think was missed out on for her 4. The sun usually emits solar flares, it's just that with us being SO FAR AWAY, we're rarely ever affected by it... But in Wisp's case and you know, the fact that she OPENS A PORTAL TO IT I find it hard not to get hit by it. Basically, much like the Ocucor, with solar flares in mind and the ability it has to spread its presence over a large area, maybe Sol Gate can have a similar function in mind to boost the abilities overall effectiveness against multiple targets. However, unlike the Ocucor, it doesn't have a set mag size and can fire essentially fire forever given your loadout. So perhaps limit the amount of beams to 3 or 5 total.
  2. I think a better rework of DW would be that what you kill with the Dread Heart adds 1s/kill. Kill 10 enemies, you get a 10 sec duration. Dread Ward only gives only so much for Garuda to work with and that is offering her a reward that isn't essentially what you would use Dread Mirror for. The 40% kill threshold isn't so much as a necessity as outright killing an enemy with a weapon or her Dread Heart. It's all based on priority and the insta-kill, in all honesty is taking a backseat to the DH projectile and of course, the Mirror (shield) provided
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