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  1. Still having lots of issues in fortuna. Got more performance issues, exploiter vanishing in phase 2, impossible to play in a group without timing out or host migration etc. Luckily I was able to farm before hotfixes broke everything but extending the event when it remains unplayable doesn't really change anything.
  2. This event was pretty awful so far. I finished to 100 points playing solo and it was a tremendous grind. The touted difficulty of this operation was simply due to throwing a million guys at you that isn't really difficult it is either going to vary between frustration or boredom. Basically I sat in my frost bubble for hours on end and maybe once or twice per run I would get one shot by a jackal or killed by a spider but that was the extent of the difficulty. I'm also not looking forward to phase two if it involves anything resembling the other orb taker fight which remains maybe my least favorite thing to do in the game. Things that could have been done better. First ship it without bugs. Whatever deadlines or promises you had to ship it I dunno how the disappearing canister bug wasn't found before hand when it happened to me nearly every time the first day of the event. It only took you guys a day to fix it but that was a very frustrating day of grinding. There is no variety to this. Previous operations I could have sworn that every interval of 25 points you would get an escalation or maybe something new to do or a different mission type or something. I'm assuming the boss fight is going to be the escalation but there should have been at least another tier or two to break things up. Make the first 25 points spy type missions in the temple of profit, then maybe an extermination or miniboss type mission to assassinate the coolant raknoids and collect the canisters and finally then the last 25 points be the defending fissures part. This could have made it much more diverse over time and reduced some of the tedium if you could fly straight to a fissure and start defending instead of having to go back and forth to kill a raknoid every time just make coolant canister a gear item from an earlier stage.
  3. Some acts like survival and the hydrolyst I am skipping simply because I really don't find that kind of gameplay fun and it restricts certain types of players from being able to complete it. I could sit for an hour but the chances of my connection dropping, failing it at 50 minutes in, getting trolled somehow by someone activating a life support on accident all of these outcomes are too frustrating for me to even want to try it. I think for the elite rewards it is fine if they remain elite and challenging or reserved for certain types of players but if that is the case then you shouldn't restrict the nightwave rewards on the basis of elite challenges. Right now you get 28k per week doing the normal daily and weekly without any elite missions. You need 30k on average to be able to hit the goal for rank 30 over a ten week period. I would increase the standing for the normal weekly or daily missions so it is possible to get all the rewards without needing any of the elite challenges. Then you can make elite challenges whatever you want for the people that just want additional cred and prestige. So the options would be to make elite challenges more accessible to all player types or simply increase the point value so elite challenges are optional. Other good ideas that would make people happy or improve the system would be to make elite missions cumulative. So you can do survival in 5 minute chunks for a total hour over the course of a week if you really don't have time or have other problems preventing sitting for 1 hour. I also think the ability to reroll or choose an elite mission every week would be good if you somehow don't want to do any of the 3 options. I think right now nightwave the system and concept is fine but the implementation is lacking because the design is trying to appeal to veterans and new players alike and failing both of them in different ways. The best part in warframe is being able to play the way you want and nightwave was supposed to offer a progression and rewards path for your normal day to day playing but now it is limiting the scope of how you play by requiring nightwave missions for progression. Even a simple daily like killing enemies with cold damage for example. I have a frost and a glaxion I finished the daily in one mission no problem. A new player is being thrust into this system with no real explanation may not even have a max rank cold damage mod for a weapon it is going to take considerably longer for them to finish.
  4. Why did you introduce a seasonal or battle pass type system without telling us how long it lasts? How am I supposed to know whether I have a month or half a year to complete all the goals. Also why are the elite missions so heavily weighted and lopsided against new or casual players? I understand that you want to reward people for more difficult content but beating a hydrolist isn't something I want to do. You need a certain build have to follow the "meta" to get in a group and is only available at certain times due to the day/night cycle. How is that an improvement upon the old alert system? Is it going to be possible to reach the max tier of rewards by not doing some of the elite weeklies? How am I supposed to know what missions I can skip or not or how much I have to do per week to hit my goals? The whole thing was implemented with such a lack of information it astounds me. Also once I beat the weeklies then what am I supposed to do? It is possible to complete all of the missions in a day so then unlike alerts there is no incentive to do anything the rest of the week. Overall this entire thing just seems like a big "why?". Why was this system implemented and the old one removed. If it was some sort of financial decision or attempt to increase player retention at least be transparent about it. I don't think this is better for new or casual players I don't even know if it is better for veteran players. Before I could be happily surprised by an alert get some nitain or maybe even a random reactor or something now I have to grind currency to buy those things that I couldn't previously. I mean it would be nice but for new players they are gonna be forced to choose between spending this new currency on some materials they could have previously got in one mission or an alternate helmet they really want. It just doesn't seem like the time investment is any improvement when you could get more from random alerts in a few hours of playing than you can get in a few weeks of playing under these new systems.
  5. kazeyama

    Update Failures

    My warframe launcher never gets past the checking for new content phase. I was downloading the most recent update piece by piece by having to reset the launcher every few minutes due to the connection dropping but eventually got to 4.5 mb left however now the launcher just locks and eventually drops connection without ever downloading any more of that 4.5 mb. I have tried verifying, optimizing, changing language, resetting my connection etc with no success it is pretty dumb that I cannot even play the game at all anymore due to some issue on the warframe server side because before today I could update and play the game with 0 issues at all.
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