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  1. I've got an easy fix idea. DE should allow us to switch Focus schools on the run.
  2. Ksaero

    *SPOILERS* Tall operators?

    Of course it's client-side since we're all clients at relays.
  3. Ksaero

    My idea of volt rework if ever come

    This makes zero sense. I guess you've forgotten that Volt's 1st ability is shocking projectile, not speed boost.
  4. Ksaero

    Limbo trolls.

    Well, it'd be nice if Limbo's teammates could enter/exit his rift and sphere by using interaction button.
  5. Those missions were not enough anyways. Just imagine how the gameplay would be improved if every mission had friendly fire (even more with more self-damage means). Saryn ults in ESO - boom, the whole team is dead. Perfect.
  6. Exactly. DE should also enable friendly fire by default, not just with rad procs. If someone's against it, they are just lazy.
  7. Ksaero

    Armor Idea For shields. (in the works.)

    What's the point? Making glass cannons tanky?
  8. Ksaero

    Warframe missions should have a hard mode

    I think you need to suggest Destiny's damage system first.
  9. It doesn't have to be just the Operator.
  10. Ksaero

    Disable Video Pop-ups

    You can turn off hint transmissions in Audio options, not sure if it affects alert notifications though.
  11. Ksaero

    auto attack melee option

    It's strange, because I clearly see "AUTO ATTACK BY HOLDING QUICK ATTACK KEY WHILE HOLDING primary or secondary weapon". Which is not an option since glaives and gunblades are thrown and shoot by holding melee button. If take your statement as separatte suggestion, which gamepad button would you use?
  12. Ksaero

    Best school for a Excalibur player?

    You want energy, take a look at Hunter Adrenaline and Rage mods.
  13. Ksaero

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    IMO Loki is in a fine spot now. The only thing that needs to be changed is lack of enemy reaction to invisible frames slaughtering everything around them. They should at least shoot in the direction of the sound source (or in random directions if there's no sound).
  14. Ksaero

    Warframe needs true scaling rewards (endgame).

    No thanks, I don't want to feel obliged to use cheesy tactics to get through broken difficulty. Damage system rework and cheese removal first, scaling rewards second.
  15. Ksaero

    Negative Platinum Balance

    Well, as they say, ignorance is no excuse.