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  1. As far as I know, DE staff doesn't read General Discussion posts. Your suggestion can be interpreted as feedback on crafting system.
  2. I wonder if May 20 can be considered "early May" 😄 No confirmation email about shipping status, no email about yet another delay. That's weird.
  3. Doesn't change the fact the feeling of being cheated is completely unreasonable. You've paid for alternative Excalibur skin with Void Orb passive and since then you've only been getting more (founder sigil, better stats).
  4. All Primed mods do the same as their regular counterparts with higher numbers. Why would this not be intended?
  5. Anyone received their confirmation email about Umbra statue early May shipping? Half month has already passed but still nothing.
  6. "Same amount of standing" means you will get as much standing per week as before but with less effort.
  7. Not if every item has a min/max price.
  8. Because then people wouldn't be able to sell overpriced items.
  9. Yeah I'm also worried it can be considered an exploit.
  10. Doesn't look like it's intended since doors with double locks remain non-interactible untill you kill all the enemies.
  11. If I equip Umbra but keep playing Operator throughout the whole mission, will it count? If not, can we get an option to give commands to Umbra? At least stay/follow.
  12. Not sure why these things should exist in the first place.
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