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  1. I think Orthos is better than Bo, but similar in play style if you like the Bo a lot.
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    Probably, but I can't remember 100%.
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    Crashed while hosting this mission https://twitter.com/WarframeAlerts/status/337523808644780032 left my gamepad vibrating after the crash even got a nice crash submit program to run after the crash
  4. On this alert mission: https://twitter.com/WarframeAlerts/status/335938615110672385 Twice went into alert mission, once as a join, second as host, and both times, there was a door that would not open and the mission could not be completed as there were Grineer on the other side of the bugged door. 11 left to kill on the join, 1 left to kill on host. Quit the game both times via Alt-F4.
  5. True enough, but I didn't have sharp pointy weapons to play with at the time.
  6. Posted a instance of this bug before finding this thread. Basically same thing, melee attack in an elevator and went into an infinite fall, quit via alt-f4 after about a minute of the fall, I'll have to try waiting longer next time. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/45762-ground-attack-in-elevator-went-through-floor-forever/?hl=falling
  7. Was going through this alert mission: https://twitter.com/WarframeAlerts/status/335481099176255488 Did a ground attack while taking the elevator up, went through the floor and went falling in blackness endlessly. Closed program with Alt-F4. Done with a Trinity warframe and using dual zoren melee weapons.
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