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  1. I was under the impression that have 50%drop chance .now I understood. thank you sir !
  2. First time to hear that color is sigil. and about stropha bp,I know I should pick it up but I don’t know where is it going.I walk around jackal’s dead body and room but I still can’t get it.I want to know why I can’t.and I already have tons of rhino parts and stahlta blue print . Anyway,thank you sir .
  3. Thank you sir I’ll try it
  4. not "on"floor.It’s drop “in” Floor the jackle drop the BP but cannot get. I dont know why but I guess I can get STAHLTA bp but couldnt get stropha bp. DE,pls. fix it. P.S. Now I learned that mark is sigil. but why sometime I can’t get stalhta or stropha blue print?I walk around jackal dead body,walk around boss room and finish the mission but still can’t get anything(other than rhino parts). Is that a bug?
  5. the jackleを周回しているのですがstrophaとライフルの方(名前忘れた)どちらも落とさない時が多々あるのですがこれは既知のバグなのでしょうか それともstropha BPの入手法が変わったのでしょうか
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