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  1. Hello! Here is my entry, I am a video game composer & producer. My Artist name is NT-Veon, I have been playing Warframe for almost 3 years now. I wanted to Make a song that expressed the flow of movement and the pace of combat. I used different styles combined into one to make a song i think fits Warframe overall. Thank You!
  2. Thanks, you guys missed the Kuva Guardians not apearing in the codex. I've scanned then like 12 times and still nothing
  3. thats why i asked for others thoughts, like I said im not a dev just giving my ideas this if you have any post I would like to know might help someone make these... cough...cough lol
  4. 1. I see you are a fan to bring it up but I didnt say anything about sparkling vampires
  5. Been thinking about this for over a year now and I think we have enough different frames abilities to make this happen. These are just ideas of mine nothing is concrete, don't quote me on numbers i'm not a dev. (if this post is in the wrong place could someone please move it) Vampire Frame: Looking at Vampires, I won't go into looks because when i think Vampire frame for some reason i think of Kamen Rider Kiva or King Kiva... anyway! Vampires are generally fast and agile and in warframe that would mean dps/support low shields and health but high energy with crowd control maybe?.... d
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