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  1. Still wish Octavia could have multiple tune queues lined up and play to form a full song.. After all you can have multiple songs saved D:
  2. Nice. We disqualify scores now over tempbanning those who cause the exploits. (which could easily tracked by evaluating high to low fps count in mission and comparing to usual mission performance to exclude hackers and have a low wrong positive %)
  3. When the host forces migration the moment the first Orphix spawns, the points will still count up and no enemies will spawn.
  4. Got no screen, but I think on the Second Orphix of the Corpus Tileset there is a room behind a puzzle door you can access through a short vent that still has a Orphix resonator spawning. Not the worst, but still annoying af cuz exiting the Nechramech on Gamepad is the most broken thing ive ever seen in any game.
  5. In Orphix, the Indicator for the Exit is in the last room, should be in the following room tho. Was fixed before in the past, but apparently exists again because it wasnt properly fixed :) Cryotic diggers dont show progress in Arbitration other than to the host.
  6. When using the forge whilst the host is traveling to another mission youre softlocked in the using forge screen. Also, when I was host I kept running in the spot and flying with the archwing into a certain direction exiting the railjack, in an attempt to fix the issue. Trying to reproduce dont know what caused it. When joining another game, using the forward artillery places you "below" the seat in a weird 2/3 blackscreen that shows you the original picture as screenshot. Dont know what caused it, but you can only use the forward artillery when youre lucky and enter multiple times.
  7. When a host migrates at the moment of the first Orphixes spawn no enemies spawn, hence the Points automatically count upwards. Dont know how but some rando I ran into did that without quitting
  8. Oh lul for some reason I didnt see the Squashed Cat being named persian..
  9. Obviously a solid color is higher evaluated. Thats not the struggle, but the word persian. Is that in reference to a specific kavat pattern or just a replacement for the word kavat?
  10. Four of the same. Didnt manage to find the right Combo. https://imgur.com/a/8ZbwL9O
  11. The Terlyast spawn sound loop will no longer play while in Cetus. ^Terralyst Its good that you fixed the Sideturrets, however it sometimes occurs that someone cant see anything happening on the map because youre being placed below the Forward artillery with a weird black screen. Also, on Mission end, when you operate the forge and someone warps to next mission, youre stuck in the forge forever whilst your ship is going to the next mission, and your picture will not progress. Big thanks for the Flagellocanth fix. Hope hes fishable now. (even the small one)
  12. What exactly is a solid Persian? Since the non-persians are priced much higher
  13. That bug doesnt only occur in orphix but other missions too. Sometimes the objective indicator for example the Exit is in the exit room, rather than the next room. Ive made a screenshot, but the exit indicator isnt displayed on there at all.
  14. Ive read and commented on the update as well, but it doesnt seem like Gamepad got any support over the last 6 years lmaooooooooooOOO
  15. Hey @[DE]Megan. Nice that you guys brought more versatility to the controls. I've entered the game before Update 7.0 and since then players are begging to have some more versatility on gamepad as well. Opening the Ability wheel with RB and then click X to hold a Charge shot for ember, or clicking RB to cycle through xakus abilities, then hold RB and click B to use it is absolutely unneccessary. I have never required to used that wheel, hence avoid any Frame that requires this dumb system by force. Theres a very simple fix: Have ability selected, and hold to cycle, or hold to charge abilit
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