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  1. man thats depressing, if they spent more time polishing up the game instead of pushing out random drops of content it'd definitely be a more enjoyable experience but unfortunately pushing out reworks doesn't get them money like making a frame for the whales to buy on launch
  2. honestly the whole reason I want Nyx to get a buff is because I really like revenant and I noticed that Nyx had similar abilities and I was hoping that her first ability would give you a crazy strong ally but it ended up doing pretty much nothing but taking aggro. Hydroid and Yareli just have horribly clunky kits to work with and honestly Yareli is gonna be a really tough one to fix up and even if they do make her good it'll still be a loooooong time till I get her just because her quest is k-drive based. Hydroid at least has a decent aesthetic to work around and has room for options in terms of a full kit rework and everything. Nyx isn't in dire need of a rework like they are but a buff would be nice, I get really bored of using nezha just because D.E doesn't want to touch up on any of the "unpopular" frames and I get that I could just bite the bullet and use Nyx despite her not being the greatest frame but I have really funky time constraints as of recent and I can't really afford to spend a lot of time on steel path missions. My time gets taken at really random points so any mission longer than 30 minutes straight is pushing it, I play Nyx when I get the chance but I wish she was able to keep up with some of the A and B tier frames
  3. obviously some people will make premade groups but I imagine that most of the people playing warframe will inevitably have to play a mission on their own or with randoms and having a ranking for warframes to use while solo would be super helpful. also yeah, most people didn't want to bramma nerfed but it was overused and when something is just objectively the best thing to use in most situations, it needs to get knocked down a bit so other things can be used and not trail so far behind that its ridiculous. its the same coin with Nyx but on the opposite side, Nyx is very underused, and she has pretty much no situations where she is the best thing to use, so a small buff would push her in the right direction. I don't see why Nyx shouldn't be buffed, she's underused and I figured a rework would spice her up a bit but even just a buff would be good for her. The Nyx mains get a nice bonus and the play rate of an underused warframe goes up a bit, it wouldn't shatter the game or ruin the meta and changing a couple of numbers around is pretty much what the devs do for a living.
  4. most people tend to play the game solo or with randoms so usually they'll find whatever frame can do the most on its own and just run that. What good does running oberon do if you match up with a hildryn? you're better off picking a warframe that can function well on its own instead of finding some god combo and trying to convince a group of randoms to follow your strategy and hoping they have the frames + builds you want them to use also for Ambulas id say bring a high damage stropha build to kill the thing, then a frame to keep it locked down while the timer runs down.
  5. with the augment, the radius it protects is practically the same as rhino's hitbox, and you brought up how iron skin has a health bar while absorbs didn't and I explained that technically it does, if absorb just slowly drained energy then it would be a different story but it drains faster based on damage taken, which is similar to a health bar.
  6. I checked that guys forum posts and he's pretty much a D.E slave, I'm pretty certain the only reason he doesn't like the 'tier lists' and whatnot is because it implies bad frames.
  7. man you didn't know that Nyx's absorb drained more energy based on damage taken, I had no clue what you needed explained
  8. I can't even begin to describe the lack of logic behind your response. In essence you've tried to say "I win you're bad" which is an absolutely terrible argument which is honestly pretty fitting for a PlayStation account. idk how to tell you that I've definitely played Nyx enough to know that there are much better frames for any given activity. I'd recommend trying new frames. I'd also recommend losing the ego, chances are that you're an average player with no real reason to be talking the way you are
  9. You've completely misunderstood my point. I want the exact opposite of what you're saying. I want every frame to have one good area where they do the best in; regardless of how niche, like Oberon having massive healing in small areas so he's good at eidolon hunts where everyone is just surrounding the eidolon, or protea being amazing at holding down points in solo missions. Nyx doesn't have an area where she does amazing, I have absolutely no reason to play her besides being to lazy to pick a better frame
  10. Absorb's health pool is your energy pool. Your energy pool goes down faster when you're getting shot and also based on the damage being done to you. I personally feel like shields aren't a big enough of an issue to really matter but in the cases where they are its probably better to bring Xaku instead.
  11. Revenant can also steal eximus auras and it can steal a whole ton of them instead of just one at a time. Slash goes through defenses entirely, don't even need to use energy for it. Also Absorb is pretty much just a worse iron skin since its slows you down and the energy blast thing it does is a joke most of the time
  12. yeah, true, trinity refilling energy would be a bonus for new players if she wasn't a *@##$ to get, I still feel like oberon has his spot because his healing is really top tier unless you get fully one-shot but yeah, trinity is really lacking.
  13. I mean she needs to be able to do something special or I'd just pick a more relevant frame. There's no real point in holding on to Nyx if I can just have Xaku instead. If she was cheaper to build, like not needing an augment for her 4 then it'd be reasonable to take her over xaku for newer players.
  14. idk I've seen oberon have wayyyyy stronger healing. Trinity has really good energy generation so I feel like they both go off in their own directions to make them different from wisp
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