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  1. I don't care that they do marketing. I care that they are doing misleading marketing with false promises of 'Free' without making it clear that signing up for Amazon is required. The failure to disclose properly is a failure of the marketing. It is bad. Please grow a backbone and refuse to defend this nonsense. And again I'll reiterate literally the same info is already in the news section on the Orbiter ship. It wasn't even necessary to do the in-game mail method. The player, upon logging in, is immediately taken away from the game to view what is a glorified misleading advertisement about a 'free gift' that isn't free and requires signing up for a service. This isn't as bad as mobile game adverts, but misleading is misleading nonetheless. DE and many others are taking advantage of the infighting and distractions that the FTC have been dealing with to run rampant and do whatever they feel like instead.
  2. New here, never did that kind of begging. What is this thing people are doing though? Do they actually get freebies by begging like a dog? LMAO! While I feel bad, the 'begger' is a staple of many online games. Ignore them and let others in your clan know so they can be blacklisted. People give me crap when I ask for taxis to get some supplies I need to craft weapons/warframes and this is going on. Yikes!
  3. I have no desire to support or condone Amazon or their business practices in any way whatsoever. I enjoy WarFrame but I find it very off-putting they send what are glorified advertisements via IN GAME MAIL instead of what they usually do through e-mail, website, the news box (which also has the same info) and so on. I don't appreciate 'Darvo' sending me a glorified advertisement via in-game mail. It is already in the (very obvious) news section on the Orbiter as well as prominently on the website. The misleading use of 'Free' without any asterisks or 'conditions apply' or anything is also something I didn't think DE would resort towards doing to their playerbase. A simple line from Darvo saying 'as always there are conditions for everything so check it out for details'. That would be a clue that something is up. Are we getting actual 'free' items via some 'redeem' promotion or something? Nope. It is a glorified advert for Amazon of all things. I remember when we got actual full on PRIME WarFrames from doing this Amazon Prime connection stuff. "Primes with Prime" I believe the marketing slogan was. That was fantastic. Now? These rewards are SO MINIMAL and SO BAD that it makes the Power Glove ™️ look better! Now if it were Loki Prime? You'd have a lot of very happy people signing up and you all wouldn't have multiple threads here and on the Steam forums questioning this marketing practice. If you wanted attention, you got it; despite beliefs to the contrary not all attention is the good kind.
  4. It has been EIGHT years. We NEED dedicated WarFrame servers now. No more excuses. You all at DE make more than enough money to support dedicated servers, I've seen the (public) financials since you were acquired by Tencent (more or less acquired, at least). Constant networking issues because of reasons. Most people's internet in the USA does not have a generous 'upload' limit due to the MPAA/RIAA mafia in the USA wanting to mitigate piracy as much as possible and ISPs being more than willing to comply if it reduces their costs as well. I'd love for Digital Extremes to actually pray what they preach with a significant QoL feature now that we have 'open world' areas and sometimes dozens of people in relays and other spots. Having dedicated servers for 4-player stuff (now that raids were ripped out apparently) should not be difficult nor expensive. You all have the money, talent, and engineering to get it done within days if not a week or two. I happen to be a Cisco-certified network engineer myself, if any of you want some professional advice (for a nominal fee, as Darvo would say). However I'm more than confident that the devs at DE know their stuff (at least from what I've seen recently) regarding networking and making everything play together. Why are we still one of the only P2P multiplayer games left on Steam? It is a disgrace and an embarassment to WarFrame and the big '8th Anniversary' marketing push to still be using P2P tech like it is still the 2010s. Enough is enough, make it happen DE.
  5. New Tenno here. Literally not a single one of these things will benefit me as a new player and I doubt it will help any others. More than 600k credits can be easily burned just by upgrading mods and buying blueprints to craft weapons. If you want an idea of the devaluation of credits compared to costs, just remove 3 zeroes from your credits, add a dollar sign, and say 'that is all the money you can survive on for 30 days'. If the devs are being sincere in starting new player accounts and playing 'from scratch' as F2P, then please livestream it. Turn off receiving any gifts and solo everything by yourselves until at least Jupiter. If that is done then I'll concede this point completely. For everything else, I'm apathetic. It is ok, I guess. Will look over the patch notes to see the full story when it drops. If DE honestly wants to know what New Tenno feel about the game, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Send a survey via e-mail with a (small) untradeable plat reward (or a blue and orange potato). Something to show they actually care what new players think. A game without new blood will quickly die off in the face of competition. A developer will always have a different perspective than most players will have by virtue of being 'on the inside' and automagically knowing how things work (combining elements to make Gas or Magnetic or whatever reactions on weapons, for instance. You wanna instantly make newbies happy? Potatoes. Make them rain. A golden and blue potato on EVERY junction would do quite well. Maybe even be generous enough to throw in some weapon and warframe slots along with it. That kind of stuff would help far more than a meager amount of credits. Even WITH the 3 free weapons (and weapon slots) received during the recent '8th Year Anniversary' event, I still find myself forced to sell awesome weapons I enjoy for credits to make room for stuff I haven't mastered yet. That REALLY sucks and I'm not at the point where I can easily 'earn platinum' on a player-driven person to person trade system where I can be scammed (via chargebacks) and risk an account ban because DE will punish the victim to 'encourage' using real money instead. WarFrames are also a major issue with slots being stingy to obtain without shelling real money. With the starting platinum being untradeable, I don't see much reason to keep it at 50 plat instead of the old 200+ plat back in the day. Let newbies get themselves a few WarFrame and Weapon slots so they WANT to stay in the game instead of just quitting when they hit a wall. I honestly don't know why WarFrame and Weapon slots are even a thing. Are the other monetization methods not making DE enough money? Is Tencent not paying the bills often enough? Imagine a F2P Pokemon game but you have to pay for a 'slot' every time you catch a new Pokemon otherwise you can't use it and you only start off with 3 of them which is half of a full team. Others tell you 'git gud' or other nonsense and anyone you trade with for premium currency (lets call em PokeCoins) risks scamming you and getting your account banned through no fault of your own. This is the reality a lot of new players face. Collect all the things but you have to pay for each individual inventory slot. Enjoy.
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