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  1. Why can't the quellor be equipped with rifle ammo mutation by the way? Vigilante supplies is the only thing it can see for exilus ammo mutation mod.
  2. Still not seeing that fix for the modding interface of the railjack...
  3. Still waiting on the fix on the dumpsterfire that is the railjack modding interface. I keep deleting mods I have equipped by accident and just boils my blood to no end. How could you allow this to ship in such a garbage condition?!
  4. May I say that the modding in general for Railjack is a nightmare and whoever designed that interface for it should be fired because it is a confusing mess and you can't tell mods from apart each other.
  5. I can safely say that after killing every last grineer on board a crewship I didn't get it...
  6. Hey DE, why is the rank 28 test bugged? I can't throw my canister no matter how much I press the button and it just expires in my hand.
  7. The formaing amount for nightwave is fine but why decrease the grove guardian from 3 to 1? It's not like getting plant samples is that difficult or fighting said guardians.
  8. You misunderstood, when you hit prestige rank 30 you can't gain more creds therefore you are locked out of getting as much as possible out of the offerings.
  9. It seems we are, which is unfortunate as it locks us out of 2 weeks worth of creds.
  10. Question, why can't I view the Nightwave offerings if I hit prestige rank 30? Also unable to gain creds when there's still time before the deadline.
  11. Could we not? Lua spy is just annoying, a sortie version would be even more annoying. Grineer and Corpus spy missions are perfectly fine.
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