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  1. Hey DE, why are you lying to us? I just experienced first hand and your "fix" did jackall. I lost necramech xp 3 times after 3 different migrations. You fixed NOTHING, and I wasted my time for nothing again. Getting really sick and tired of you people lying to us, ignoring the problems and only listening to the whiteknights that defend your lousy work. I want to like this game but you keep disrespecting my time and effort with garbage like this.
  2. Question, when can we use necramechs in regular missions outside of open world settings? Leveling them is simply attrocious, especially since we have to sink in 5 forma to max it properly.
  3. Care to repeat that in actual english?
  4. First, why is an infested K-drive a thing when Deimos' main selling point was the bugs you can ride? Second, when will you fix the abismal scintillant drops? It is laughable that a COMMON DROP is rarer than the actual rare drop. And one? Just one? Give at least a bundle of 3 maybe 5 for God's sake... increasing the grind much? OR and this is a crazy idea, just like wisps on the plains, make them spawn somewhere, like in caves or the undergroud areas without having to do vault bounties.
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