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    Pet Cosmetics

    Hi. So I had this thought in my head for a while now, why can't we mix and match the armor pieces on our Kubrow/Kavat/Helmith? We do it on Warframes and Sentinels but our four legged friends can't have a similar level of customization? Not to mention I'm sure some had the moment when an armor set looked nice for the most part except for maybe x or y which would have been swapped out for a more preferred one instead, after all even sets for frames can be mixed and matched with others. I know it's not among the most pressing issues related to the game, just figured it could give some extra flare to the whole fashion frame aspect.
  2. That's the thing I hit the capacity maximum and replacing a lens won't fix it, You can't just unequip a lens sadly.
  3. Hello. I'm guessing I'm not the only one with a maxed out focus school with lots of points that can't be used for unlocking or gaining more space for focus nodes. Would there be a sort of conversion between focus schools by chance? I have 2 million in Unairu and 1 million in zenurik with nothing to use it on, but even if just a faction was used for let's say Naramon that I'm nearly done with or Vazarin that I'm about to start, what would be a fair exchange rate? Or am I to forever gain focus I don't need?
  4. Still no wukong deluxe? The week is halfway over already.
  5. Where's Wukong deluxe skin at?
  6. May we get this same kind of attention to poor Vauban as well please? Also Wukong deluxe skin when?
  7. If only, instead of wasting more time on a single kill for one disappointment you can get close to rage quit after seeing the nth mod drop under the same time it take to do it once.
  8. Why is the Wolf dropping garbage mods 95% of the time? It hardly feels rewarding to kill him if he drops common crap
  9. An aura forma? Why? Why isn't regular forma good for that? Also riven for arch guns feels really pointless...with that effort it could've been a riven for sentinels.
  10. I second the notion that people should be refunded for the resources they wasted on arcanes instead of those loc pins probably not many use in the first place.
  11. I have the same bug as well, DE how are you able to break something that wasn't broken?
  12. Nightwave missions are acting up, first the 40 wave defense changes to 100 eximus and now I just finished the index related one but after getting the points the mission is still undone, what are you guys doing?
  13. Vallis is STILL a laggy mess, I can't really do this event in a team if I get thrown out from nonsense.
  14. While Nightwave has been nice so far, could the daily missions be more frequent? The 150 kills with insert damage type is literally done in under 10 minutes, and since not everybody is going to do missions like 1 hour survivals wouldn't it be a better alternative to have more than just one daily nightwave goal to reach? Why not have a multi parter daily mission and each completed part gives standing? Just like with the bounties on the plains or the vallis.
  15. Still no fix to the vallis problem I see, but hey we got worthless augments nobdoy will use.
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