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  1. Hello. I believe I found a bug regarding the "Decaying Dragon Key". When you add it to your gear wheel. After you collect the "artifact". I believe this is a bug, as I can't find the answer in the wiki. Thank you for reading.
  2. Update : After posting, I went back to OV to try again. The next rare fish I caught counted towards the challenge. I'm going to assume this was a UI bug, or the product of all the "network not responding" messages that I received in the past hour.
  3. Hello. I'm slowly completing my "recovered" nightwave challenges. I'm currently on the OV rare fish challenge, when I hit a problem. As you can see, I have more than enough rare fish to complete the challenge, but none counted past 5. This is the second NW bug that I've reported. Is it commonplace to have bugged challenges? Thank you for your time.
  4. Hello. I was wondering, which would be the best weapon in the 1h sword class. Would a proper Zaw build beat out the Broken War? Or is there another contender? Thank you for your time.
  5. Good evening. I'm a new player, and I've been pushing through the parts of the star chart that allow me to open each junction. I completed both the Second Dream and The War Within missions, and I'm starting on sorties. I didn't do too bad with the dex weapons I had, but a pellet rifle doesn't do well against the Corpus. So, what weapons at MR5 ( or lower ) are viable for sorties? I wish to complete three for the nightwave challenge, if you needed a reason for my stupidity. Thank you.
  6. E-Prime & Cervantes, on Earth. You can farm those pet mods along with the eggs.
  7. 1. Support COULD get it back for you, depending on how long ago you sold it. 2. Both BPs for Broken War and War still drop off the Shadow Stalker during normal gameplay. Either hope that he spawns or buy his beacon/bait from Baro.
  8. A question, if I may. If the creator gets 30% of the cash purchase, where does the other 70% go? Is it split between DE and Steam/Valve?
  9. Hello. I'm using the onslaught mode to level up the weapons I currently have. I stumbled upon something interesting, and I'm not sure if this bug or I just don't understand all of the mechanics yet. I'm modding my dex sybaris. Using the point strike mod improves its crit chance but lowers the overall damage. When I remove the mod, the crit chance drops and the overall damage improves. Thank you for your time.
  10. This seems to be the archwing suggested in every content creator video. The others don't have the ability to adopt to the railjack missions.
  11. You could look up weapon builds here : https://overframe.gg/ It just a crazy good site, and has helped me with my limited resources as I open the solar map.
  12. Apart from the message of "cannot sell"? From what I heard, you'll need a copy of each warframe (not primed) for the helminth. Those BPs that always drop are a safe bet to sell. As for the weapons, you'll need to do some homework/footwork. Keep a few that you love, those that are good for lich hunting, and those you'll need to complete the steel path version of the solar map.
  13. There was a push of scammer accounts, promising gamers game cards and other in game currency. Idiots clicked on the link, filled out a form, and couldn't understand why their discord and bank accounts were compromised. Discord always had the option to verify an account, as far I recall, it just bigger discord servers changed their guidelines when the scammers targeted their community. For sharing build ideas, fan art, and the like, you can do that in these forums. If you're looking for a group, you can use the correct chat tab in the game. Most of the smaller discord servers are either
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