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  1. Went and tested after I saw this, and yea the caves remain marked now. RIP Unless someone is really bored and wants to try the caves again to check.
  2. Can we get a UI option to 'Hide crafted' or add a symbol to blueprints that can be seen at a glance without having to mouse over each blueprint to see if you built it already. This would be great with any shop that has a large selection of blueprints like Hok, Zuud, or Nightwave where blueprints are shown regardless of how many extra parts you have built.
  3. Was stuck at 28/30, with all caves explored and marked previously, having gone through each cave again before doing the following as solo/host: Coming back from Deck 12 and killing Exploiter Orb, I went to waypoint the exit since my loc-pin markers keep poofing, only this time I noticed all my cave markers were gone as well (except the one to Deck 12). Went through each cave again, with them being marking on the map as if it was my first time on Orb Vallis. The challenge did unlock this time. Curious if this works for anyone else. Didn't see any patch notes on it, so thought I'd share. EDIT: Post Plains of Eidolon remaster, caves remain marked after returning from Deck 12, so most likely doesn't work anymore.
  4. -Lost polearm quick attacks (equipping arch gun as client still lets you use old quick attacks yay!) -Can't alt fire with guns from melee without wasting a shot or manually switching back. -Can't aim glide without having to zoom with your gun, worse with snipers. (equipping melee, switching to gun, then back to melee before the animation finishes actually locks you into melee, can't shoot, which lets you aim glide with melee still) -Auto blocking is super annoying with certain charge attacks, gunblades for example. -Auto blocking, when you forget you left channeling on and your energy goes poof. Other than the new slam which is great, It almost feels like just a boost in default holster speed would have been enough. Now I am forced to autoswap, use combos I may or may not want to use, while at the same time losing some functionality of the current weapon I don't have equipped. It may just be the new car smell, having to get used it it, but out of the box is seems way more effort is needed to do what was simple before.
  5. Vallis Spelunker and Joyride seem to still be broke, since like November. Nothing major, just a little annoying.
  6. On auto blocking, what about instances where you might want to take damage? How will it affect being able to backflip, side roll, or being able to move while facing a single direction?
  7. I'm curious if Shimmering Blight/Bleeding Willow quick attack is still a smooth swing & walk, while using spam combos it adds a pause with a horizontal swing, or Twirling Spire/No stance has a forward thrust in both the spam combo and quick attack. The above is assuming it's not too early to talk stances, regardless, show me the polearms!
  8. Any fix for 'Vallis Spelunker' & 'Joyride' challenge/achievements in the near future?
  9. The Joyride challenge listed in game was added in the Chimera: Update 23.10 which I completed soon after, but the matching Joyride steam achievement was added with Fortuna today. If it was completed prior to Fortuna, it cannot unlock on steam. I even flew around for a bit hoping it would unlock, no such luck. Can the challenge be reset without pestering support? Or a way to sync achievements with steam?
  10. Watching DE_Steve streaming from his desk, he mentioned a Stalker syndicate, whats this all about? How often are new rewards going to be added to the arbitration vendor or mission drops? Also, after playing Chimera prologue and it being the time of Halloween... (Spoilers?)
  11. Favorited colors still get wiped on login, which in turn removes it from every item that had that color. Sigil placements change and reset as well.
  12. The scaling of booster time was pretty nice to see, but seeing that the evergreen choices didn't really change is kind of disappointing. Not having something (cosmetic or not) unique post 1k, even as simple as a glyph or sigil makes it feel kind of empty.
  13. Please, anything but those evergreen packs. It's all stuff that can be easily farmed, or something that nobody at 1000+ days should ever need or want, and more rivens on top of normal sortie rewards just further points out that the current 90 riven cap is insufficient. Keep adding unique things to the pool of things to pick from and look forward to.
  14. My only concern is will there be enough unique milestone rewards after 1000 to not have to pick duplicates or "evergreen" packs of easy to get things all the time?
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