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  1. Either I'm blind or there is no way to see at a glance in the UI what exact bonus your kuva weapon has. Can only see it when attempting a valence transfer. Can this info be added into the equip menu or somewhere visible without having to tab? Between 7 damage types and now 16 weapons each, keeping track of them all will be a nightmare. Looking at 1680 plat (when primary kitguns come out) to wipe the name off and/or rename the ones to keep to something identifiable. 🤣
  2. I think this was the hotfix for that: Fixed scoring 30+ Index points at once resulting in a huge damage boost. Dying / Reviving would remove the damage boost.
  3. There are open vents on the sides you can squeeze through.
  4. Could have at least made it affect the railjack at half the value or something. No point to these now.
  5. Can you run the Empyrean launch drops again sometime in the future, some of us were busy playing the new update. 🙂 Oh damn you already are.
  6. Interacting with the forge in general counts as a fail.
  7. Missed the noggle due to me actually playing the game. Was kinda bummed when I realized I missed it. Will these come back as Prime Time drops at some point?
  8. I noticed it when I was scrolling down to my list of scans to see if all the Exo units I was scanning were counting due to host migrations, host aborts, bugs, etc. I went from 20 to whatever it is now, and I was curious what was causing it. It was going up by 2 or 3 every time, so I thought "What do I do twice every railjack mission?", the answer being refine resources.
  9. Interacting with the forge counts as a cipher fail every time you use it, even if don't refine or build anything.
  10. Same problem here, the description above is about as accurate as you can get. After playing around in a disruption, it almost always happens if I use void blast as operator and switch back, then the buffs poof a few seconds later with combo count still going. Didn't seem to happen if I used only void dash or amp. Happens as host and client.
  11. Is there a place we can go to see all the stats you showed off more clearly, plus any you might have not shown?
  12. I'd give up some limbs to get something like this for kitguns and zaws.
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