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  1. Noted, thanks. (Amended post) Void dash I know works. but I'm not counting that as "Void damage" because if you did you'd then have to add Kuva guardians to the list of things you test and that's listed: Xaku: No Amp: No Void Dash: Yes Which I considered to be unneeded data for the point of "Void" damage for weapons. Though this does make an interesting point for needing to take a look at void as a whole, It's so sketchy as to what works on what when it's supposed to all be one thing. I just want to try to keep on topic with Xaku's thread and the void the frame carries.
  2. Not from my test in the simulacrum today. But feel free to test it again and get back to me. Edit: If someone finds differently, I'll amend my post!
  3. Xaku's "Void" damage isn't even void damage, It's like that discount alternative you find at a dollar store: Xaku's Whisper: Open Hidden veil proxima doors - No Resets Sentients - Only on proc Damage Eidolon Shields - No Damge Kuva clouds - No Isolation Vault Puzzle - Yes Operator Amp: Open Hidden veil doors - Yes Resets Sentients - On hit edit* Damage Eidolon shields - Yes Damage Kuva clouds - Yes Isolation Vault Puzzle - Yes As far as void damage goes your operator be like "Step aside Xaku, I'll do this my damn self! Friggin' Novice." And that honestly d
  4. Yes, yes. This is the way. I could see playing with something like Riddled mass, or any of these really. All depending on the weapon. there's some cool things that could be done with these. Amalgam is a good start, this is a good point.
  5. YES, I like this. I didn't catch your post earlier. But I like where your head is here. I'd love to have to make the choices like in melee with umbral cards or Condition Overload or things of this nature in rifles. The argument now seems to be "Oh but rivens" which.. Sure, but those are so variable it's equally arguable that they are a non-factor. I would love to see something like Umbral Cards in there that break up the norm of Serration. I appreciate a good counter argument, or better suggestion. It's far more interesting than just having someone scream "REEEE" at the top of their lungs.
  6. This would be the funniest S***; ever: I'd bite. Edit: I forgot that the forums here can't handle mature language, my bad.
  7. What do I have to say to it? You didn't read my post. That's what. I addressed fringe results for people like you with an obscure riven.
  8. -Perhaps. There is a name for this process; it's called continued improvement, that's something you should never stop considering. it's why abilities are nolonger cards in frames, and why damage types were redone recently. -You're welcome to your opinion, It's not a crime to be wrong. -Yes, yes I can say I'd be pretty damn satisfied. Making builds is the part of warframe I enjoy, and it could be so much more, with a little thought and refinement. Something it's not had in a long while. -Perhaps. I understand the point you are trying to make, but cynicism and laz
  9. It's nice to know it's at least been given thought then. kinda already happened in a way, steel path. This is a good point, I'd like to see that % multiplyer applied to the weapon based on what level the weapon is ranked to*. Much like an ability on a warframe. Unranked would be equal to an unranked serration multiplier, and as you rank up the weapon it progresses to what a full card would be. Edit: a word.
  10. Here we are in 2020 and Serration is literally the sliest and largest unnoticed waste of space in warframe. It and it's counterparts in other weapons are in 99.9% of weapon builds as the very first card you put into the gun as you level it. Because it is used in EVERYTHING It effectively removes one slot from all builds to bring the gun up to a basic standard level of damage function. You don't ever have 8 card slots to work with in a weapon, you have 7 slots to work with. The card acts as a gateway step ladder for new players, and a build limiter for everyone else. It prevents diversity in bu
  11. Blazing Pillage Augment does not work for "Pillage" on any frame other than Hildryn currently. Text says it deals 500 Heat damage, and restores 50 additional shields. This is not applying to "Pillage" on the frame I added the ability to through helminth. Edit: Requires enemies to be effected by "haven", which means it's absolutly a waste of time on other frames. Why would you even bother allowing the augment for other frames on this? that's dumb. This system is really poorly thought out. On a side note: The ability itself deals visible damage to shields, but not to armor. maybe someone
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