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  1. Lol on still not being able to pick up wreckage! Oof 🤣
  2. You're absolutely right why would a game be time consuming? That's not what I was referring to. I'm referring to missions being time consuming when then mission ends you get endo. With that logic eating food is time consuming. Consuming time is in fact time consuming. Smh
  3. But that's very time consuming and you have RNG to be concerned about. It's extremely demoralizing. When you need a specific part that you could have picked up from a gox. But I personally think it's comical now as my RJ is properly OP.
  4. Known Issues: Wreckage Markers persisting and Zekti Component Wreckage unable to be picked up. We have resolved the issue of being unable to pick up Zekti Component Wreckage from Gox units on Playstation - a data fix that we were able to push through faster there. Results have shown success with picking up Wreckage, so we are looking to push that change forward to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, but it will require them to go into Cert. We are looking into patching that as fast as we can. Thank you! This sucks for players that haven't gotten what they want ie plating shields, arrays and reactors. Lmao
  5. Yeah I'm seeing that. It's shame, on my PS4 my Railjack was maxed out and built the way I wanted it in 2 days it's been a week and my railjack on Xbox is crap.
  6. Any updates on the not being able to pick up wreckage on the xbox?
  7. PC is on hotfix 7 and I'm still waiting to pick up wreckage in railjack mission
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