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  1. Just wanted to pop in here and give my support. I like the idea of having more Umbras like Excalibur... Right now his my favorite main Warframe. The fact that he fights besides your operator feel really cool! I have a hunch that Nyx or/and Valkery would probably be next, but I also like to see Chroma or Garuda too... thought it might be to unlikely seeing as Garuda is kinda new and Chroma is more resent than other older more popular Warframes like Ash, Rhino or Loki. Ooooo Chroma Umbra the Dragon of the Void....it gives me goosebumps! With his elemental mastery and almost Sentient (Faction) ability to adapt (do to his ability to change elements), beside fighting beside you, he can also deploy an effigy!? He be a sight to behold in teams, he be a Plus Ultra! 😆 Can wait to see who gets Umbra next and what is their story!
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