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  1. Just wanted to pop in here and give my support. 

    I like the idea of having more Umbras like Excalibur... Right now his my favorite main Warframe. The fact that he fights besides your operator feel really cool!

    I have a hunch that Nyx or/and Valkery would probably be next, but I also like to see Chroma or Garuda too... thought it might be to unlikely seeing as Garuda is kinda new and Chroma is more resent than other older more popular Warframes like Ash, Rhino or Loki.

    Ooooo Chroma Umbra the Dragon of the Void....it gives me goosebumps! With his elemental mastery and almost Sentient (Faction) ability to adapt (do to his ability to change elements), beside fighting beside you, he can also deploy an effigy!? He be a sight to behold in teams, he be a Plus Ultra!   😆

    Can wait to see who gets Umbra next and what is their story! 



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  2. If I had to guess what an Umbra Warframe is I say it has to do with a Special Warframe that can actually kill Orokin in a Permanent matter... Since Orokin are like this Sninny Godly Sun like ascended beings... being Umbra to them may mean taking away their light or a darkness that swallows light...or in this case their "Oro". The Conclave is implied directly and indirectly that it may be training of some sort to accomplish this task.

    So I think in theory Umbra Warframe are a special weapon of sorts against the Golden Gods... just like an Eclipse was believe in superstition to be a Darkness that swallows the Sun or Sun Deities, so the Umbra could be a code name to represent the weapon to permanently kill the Orokin. 

    Yeah I know, that's a long theory and speculation...sorry. I read tons of books of fantasy and human cultures mythos. :satisfied:

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  3. 3 hours ago, -Synovity- said:

    Remember the war within? Yes? Well then you probably heard about a choice system (the black and/or white circle on the bottom left at your player profile) I think it has something to do with the Excalibur thing, the white choice could lead to Excalibur prime (not the frame itself, he won't be available) and even other primes, meanwhile the black choices represent the umbra's!

    What do you think about this? What's your speculation?

    I know what DE said and I know he isn't coming back! This is just speculation.

    That is an interesting theory, though I will agree that Excal Prime being a founder item will never comeback... If your theory is correct, it could be a different Excal with Prime stats.I mean Excal has more skins than any warframe to date... Why not have Founder, Umbra and Some other form different or additional Prime? We are talking about Excal here...he was the first and as such Excalibur Prime could have had other Forms besides Prime or Umbra... could even be a Prime form of Hyden Tenno, instead of a sword he throws giant glaives or have powers more related to him than the copies of Excal or It could be a more Knight like a Prime form of Shadow Stalker instead of a one handed sword 4th skill, his exalted sword is two handed one, since we all know Stalker is some sort of corrupted Excalibur anyway...etc...etc...

    Well you get the idea...founders keep their toy relic general public get theirs... Im actually surprise DE has not consider to just make another that looks and is different from the founder one...They already did Umbra why not another... Excal is the king when it comes skins and frames already. 

    To be honest I'll be happy when Umbra comes out so this Excal Prime thing is put to an end... Everyone know Umbra looks soooo much nicer than the Prime one by far and if I remember correctly it had better stats if DE didn't change it in China... so, he won't be miss unless you're a hardcore collector. I think when Umbra comes out everyone will be happy and this whole thing will be behind us. 

  4. TY so much DE! I love these changes, specially the ones that address players "spamming" moves as it really take away the shine of your brilliant work. This will help a bit more encourage players to learn, master and apprentice the variate of the warframes unique aspects in battle, than to make them a obligated choice for certain missions that plague other games out there. 


    I just want kubrowframe. Let me make my own zanuka with


    my kubrows as operators


    OH god YES!! I want a more warframe 4 leg Sentinel! 


    Anyway back to the subject at hand...


    It was truly ah-inspiring, the 2 most dangerous opponents join together, Stalker is such an Icon of this game and its lore, I wonder who or what is his operator/Tenno? Or is he like Hyden Tenno um guess we will have to wait on the 3rd Dream Quest... I'm guessing that we will be seen them again soon in the archwing missions... that armor seem that its meant to be attach to Sentient wings of sorts... Sentient archwing... hmmm what kind of weapons and powers would it posses...? I hope their flashy!


    I wonder if Stalker is an Umbra... he seems so powerful... even in the quest he was creating his Version of Shadows of the Dead...got shot down by my own dead Sentinel Shadow XD... Maybe his the first Umbra...capable of mimicking any of Warframes powers he come across...like a Shadow, Dark projection that mimics the caster...hmmm, Umbra kinda means darkness at a planetary level...maybe they where the secrete police of the Orokin, Prime Warframes where the Reflection of Perfection, Umbra the Shadow that is cast by that perfection maybe...? so many maybes... I love this stuff cant wait for the next dream!


    AND after THAT STAKER Warframe? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ;D

  6. Jeezey creeezy, you guys are acting like absolutely none of these assets will be used in a PvE tileset. 


    Do you realize how inane that sounds?




    All the PvP tilesets are just reused PvE tilesets, only put together with more care and cohesion because they aren't modular. The only reason they look scary good is because they aren't modular, like regular tiles require.  


    This is a good preview of what the new PvE moon tileset will look like, probably the reason why we aren't actually seeing any PvE screenshots is because they don't want any spoilers to get out, they've been REALLY tight-lipped about it.


    Rest assured we will get a moon tileset. Yeesh.

    LOL your totally right... It just goes to show how much...a...large portion of the community feels about PvP in general and rather have DE use its resources, time etc... for the PvE content instead, I guess...

  7. Omg its Beautiful...but WHY, why PvP?!


    I'm not against PvP, I guess some people feed on that competitive hype, bulling and trolling...and I'm VERY happy its has been separated and not mandatory...in this game or in some others...who are more popular... but cooommmeeeee on... do u really think players will appreciate such art or beauty of a Map when they have a player bashing them senseless with hammer or blowing them up with AoE weapons?




    I guess DE cares for all its players... a lesson to us all I guess.

  8. Hello,


    I noticed that there is an inconsistency in Ash Prime between his wristblade in the codex vs in actual gameplay.


    In the Codex the wristblade is under the wrist, AC style:




    While in-game it's above the wrist, like regular ash:






    when i saw the codex i really liked the wristblade under the wrist, and it looks really bad above the wrist on Ash.P, hoping its a bug and it can be changed.


    Also,unrelated to the wristblade, can you fix the side bangs on the helmet so they not go into his body?



    Agreed with these, hope it gets fix,


    - Also I was disappointed the blades din't have a more...golden or orokin look...

    - In addition, I always thought Ash smoky Hand was a nice touch of an incomplete Tenno...and was very looking forward to how a Prime Ash Aura cosmetic Smoke would manifest, whether in the upper body, both hands or just periodical smoke coming in and out the whole body... but to my surprise it was the same... 


    I know these are just silly cosmetics but I really like how the Primes tend to be a a bit more different and seems to be the perfected form of the Tenno, you even see some powers take on some Orokin liquid gold form of energy or Orokin form... please keep that lore cosmetic up DE, it adds so much to the immersion of the game. Obviously Ash being the Tenno Ninja of Ninja's this is very important! :D

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