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  1. HellishWind

    July 3Rd: Community Hot Topics!

    id rather see a nerf to mesa then to greedy pull fixes the farming problem
  2. HellishWind

    A Word On De Hq Privacy.

    creepy but tbh its quite awesome though ^_^ getting raw info without the BS
  3. HellishWind

    Pc Operation: False Profit

    can there be a movie uploaded on how the event works cause the text explanation is rather vague
  4. last time it just arrived in a box with bubblewrap nothing special fyi
  5. yeah i got the feeling the shipping rates are a scamm u cant tell me that sending this in a box costs 23 bucks when i can send something of the same size and weight for 12 bucks where i life if u decrease shipping costs i might buy one but how it is now i rather save my money and buy dis http://myfigurecollection.net/item/117975 :D
  6. HellishWind

    Volt Prime Access Is Now Available!

    No prime Veritrux the scam is real bought every prime and grand master pack but this pack is a joke and worthless no weapons only some badly designed archwing item and another Armor Attachement ? i cannot equip more sugatras and amor pieces then the ones from previous packages kinda dissapointed would have rather seen a exclusive gold color tint or something
  7. HellishWind

    Update 15.1.0+15.1.01

    u know what would be cool if mini bosses actually spawned if u check my account or what ever ul probably see the last time i saw one was probably 4 months ago
  8. HellishWind

    Hotfix 15.0.1

  9. HellishWind

    Status On Wednesday Update

    its not coming in the morning i think
  10. HellishWind

    Status On Wednesday Update

  11. HellishWind

    Tennolive 2014 Is Coming!

    Germany Cologne <<<< AKA middle of nowhere :D why coudnt it be a little closer but no matter i will catch a train and still watch all the awesomeness :D
  12. HellishWind

    Tennolive 2014 Is Coming!

    OOOOOOHHHH send me an invite :DDDD